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3 Megapixel IP Camera System Builder


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Please choose the NVR you would like depending on the number of cameras you plan to record. All of these recorders have built-in PoE ports to power the camera, making IP camera setup plug & play. Remote viewing by iPhone, iPad, Google Android devices, PC and Apple computers is standard.

Select cameras using check boxes on the left, then choose quantity on the right.


Choose wiring for your ip camera system. You can choose pre-made cables that are cut to specific lengths with RJ45 connectors already tipped. If you are purchasing a 1000ft cable spool, be sure to also purchase RJ45 connectors and the crimp tool.

You can select a monitor to go along with your system. Our DVRs have a HDMI video output so you can also use your own HDTV.

If you are purchasing bulk cabling, be sure to purchase RJ45 connectors and crimp tool.


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At CCTVCameraWorld we have broken the barriers of CCTV video resolution. Now you can purchase a system that is higher resolution than 1080p. On this page you can select components to build your own customized 3 Megapixel IP Network Camera System. We've made it easy by narrowing it down to select NVR recorders and IP cameras that we have tested to operate at 3MP resolution. Simply choose the NVR and cameras that will work best for your application.

3 Megapixel cameras are great for situations where you need a lot of detail in your video. So when you playback recorded video you will be able to zoom in farther, more than 1080P or 2 megapixel video will allow you.

Building a IP network camera system starts with the NVR recorder for which we offer 4 thru 64 channel NVR choices depending on the total number of cameras you will be recording.

Once you select the NVR recorder, be sure to choose storage capacity. The more terabytes (TB) you choose, the longer the video will be recorded.

Please note than NVRs larger than 16 channels do not support PoE because of physical size limitations. For larger IP camera systems, we suggest purchasing either multiple 16 port POE switches, or purchase an enterprise PoE switch that supports more than 16 ports. This friendly IP Camera System Builder will present you with the option to add a PoE switch for the 32 and 64 Channel options.

Using a NVR with PoE capability is sort of like having a recorder and power distribution unit combined in one. So you only need three things to build a system:

If you need to record more than 16 cameras, then you will need the following:

  • 32 Channel NVR or 64 Channel NVR
  • Network Cabling
  • IP Cameras that are PoE capable
  • Multiple 16 port PoE switches (select from options above)

After choosing the recorder and its storage capacity, select the cameras based on the following factors:

  • Shape and design
  • Night vision distance
  • Mounting surface
  • Where the camera will be used (indoors or outdoors)
  • Cost

We have also included 2 Megapixel camera options towards the end, just in case you would like to mix it up a bit and have both 3MP and 2 Megapixel cameras on the same system. After you have selected cameras, choose the length of cables you would like and you're done.

If you would like to purchase a monitor to connect to the NVR recorder, or browse through optional accessories, feel free to browse the Related Accessories section.

Here is a summary of features:

Camera Features:

  • 3 Megapixel IP Cameras that record in resolution higher than 1080p
  • Camera resolution can be downgraded to 2MP/1080P/1.3MP/720P should you choose by selecting encoding options in the NVR
  • H.264 Video Encoding Stream for the highest quality video while conserving bandwidth
  • 1 to 20 fps Video Streaming at 3MP (2048 x 1536 pixels)
  • Large variety of cameras to choose from:
    • Fixed lens IP cameras for wide 80 degree field of view
    • Manual zoom IP network cameras that allow angle of view to be adjusted
    • Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras for surveillance in day or complete darkness
  • PoE capability to consolidate video/power/data in to one wire per camera
  • Plug and Play connection to NVR allows for easy configuration

Video Recorder Features:

  • 4 / 8/ 16 Channel NVRs with built-in PoE Switch
  • 32 / 64 Channel NVRs without PoE
  • Selectable recording resolutions: 4MP, 3MP, 2MP, 1.3MP, D1
  • Variety of storage options
    • 8 Channel PoE NVR supports up to 8TB
    • 16 Channel PoE NVR supports up to 24TB
    • 32 Channel NVR Mini supports up to 12TB
    • 32 Channel NVR supports up to 48TB
    • 64 Channel NVR supports up to 48TB
  • Simultaneous 1080p HDMI and VGA video outputs to view your cameras in high definition on your HDTV
  • H.264 Video Compression to save hard drive space and provide the clearest possible video
  • Multiple recording modes: continuous 24/7, schedule based recording, motion detection
  • Support remote viewing on smartphones, tablets or computer:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • Google Android Phone or Tablet
    • Windows Phone
    • Windows PC Computer
    • MAC Computer
  • Motion Push Alerts automatically sent to your mobile phone when motion detected
  • Auto overwrite – automatically recycles video footage by recording over oldest video first
  • Easy video backup – easy video backup to a external USB drive or to your computer over the local network or internet

System Features:

All-in-one Cabling
The wiring options for this system include video and power transmission over one wire. There is no need for a electrical outlet near any camera. All you have to do is run the network cable from the camera to the NVR, and that one cable will power the camera using Power Over Ethernet coming from the NVR and transmit video from the IP security camera to the NVR. Note that the PTZ cameras require more power and are not PoE; they come with a 110V to 24V AC power adaptor for each camera.

Easy to Setup and Use
If you can run a cable from the camera to the recorder, then you can install your own video security system. To help you along the installation process, we have you covered with great support. Once everything is wired, give us a call and we will help you put your cameras online for remote viewing and answer any installation related questions. Our online YouTube video channel is also packed with great tutorials and product videos. Our online guides and videos teach by example. We spent a lot of time making instructional videos so our customers can quickly learn how to use their security camera system, and get the most out of them without ever having to pick up the manual.

Customized for each user
We offer systems from a range of plug and play CCTV systems to ones that are customized for the DIY user who wants to put together a great professional security camera system for less than half the cost found from the local installation company. You can select storage space, cable types and lengths, and warranty levels when purchasing your camera system.

Save money with no contracts and no monthly fees
At CCTVCameraWorld we don't believe in monthly contracts. When you buy a system there are no monthly fees, contracts to sign, or other hidden charges. What you see online is what you pay. View your system from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection connected to the security video recorder provided in this system. You even receive motion alerts without any monitoring fees.

Honest Product Warranties and Lifetime Tech Support
We offer real warranties that we honor when a manufacturer's defect occurs in our products. We don't hype our products with warranties that leave you deserted in case of product failure. If you are not completely satisfied with the product within 30 days of purchase, we will accept exchanges or provide credit for your purchase price. All products come with free USA based technical support for the life of the product. Our knowledgeable and caring support technicians are here to help!




Return Policy30 Days Return Policy.
Warranty2 Year


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Ideally I would like to talk to a teacher that is using or has used a system like this in their classroom to capture video for professional development. I would also like to see footage from the IPD3FL camera with audio in a classroom setting i.e. 6-10 feet from subject with some ambient noise? Can this camera pick out a conversation? I will put these in my celiing tiles and run the cabling as needed myself.

Question by: John on: 2018-01-03

From 6-10ft audio pickup is no problem for the IPD3FL. You can watch the video/audio sample for the camera located underneath the camera's thumbnail (see image below for location).

Secondly, please note for capturing audio with IP cameras you need to use a compatible NVR.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2018-01-08

Looking at 4 channel NVR with two 3MP IP bullet cameras. How much recording time will a 2TB configured NVR provide?

Question by: Chico Diaz on: 2018-02-11

If you record each 3MP camera at 4mbps, 20fps, you will get 22 days 24/7 recording from a 2TB drive when recording two cameras.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2018-02-12