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pro series IP cameras

  • Using Pro Series IP Cameras with an NVR

    Configuring one of the CCTV Camera World Pro Series IP cameras for use with an external PoE Swtich rather than an integrated PoE NVR is the same for the most part as the steps discussed in the previous article Configuring ONVIF IP Cameras For Use With A PoE NVR. If you haven't set time, enabled audio (if needed), enabled motion detection (if needed), or configured video settings (optional) follow this link to work through Step 1 thru 7. When you're done follow the step outlined below for configuring network settings for this ONVIF compatible IP camera to work with your network switch or external PoE switch. Continue reading

  • Configuring ONVIF IP Cameras For Use With A PoE NVR

    As with all security cameras, before installing the Avalonix Pro Series IP Camera we suggest bench testing the camera before installation and configuring it for use on your network with your NVR or the internal network of a PoE NVR. There are a few settings that need to be configured on this ONVIF compatible IP camera using its web interface before connecting the camera to a NVR. This article will guide you through the necessary changes that need to be made to the camera's configuration in order to function with our PoE or non-PoE NVR. We will also cover a few other features that the Pro Series camera offers. Continue reading

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