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The best surveillance cameras for the DIYer

Security cameras with the latest technology backed by CCTV Camera World’s easy to reach support experts will help you protect your home or business. We specialize in professional security equipment including indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, and PTZ cameras. Our wide selection of home and business security cameras are suitable for any camera system. Our outdoor surveillance cameras are designed to withstand rain, snow, and dust thanks to their IP67 and higher weather proof ratings. Rugged design, infrared night vision, and great picture quality make our 4K security cameras a perfect fit for your system. All of our cameras use a single cable to send video, audio and power, making installation easy enough for any DIYer. Every camera from CCTV Camera World comes with experienced technical support based in the USA, and provides unbeatable value & quality to protect your home or business to keep an eye when away.

Wondering which camera type you should buy or how difficult it is to setup a security camera system on your own? We've got you covered. We take pride in making great written content and video tutorials to simplify the process of installing and using our products.Learn More about security cameras

To get started, please watch the videos below in the section titled "Buying Guides" that will help you get started in choosing the best camera type that is right for you. If you're wondering what the Phone App looks like or why buy cameras from CCTV Camera World, we've got that covered as well in the videos below.

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Buying Guides

  • How To Choose Security Cameras
    How to Choose a Security Camera
  • How To View Over the Internet
    How To View Security Cameras Over the Internet
  • Intro To Smart Security Cameras
    Intro To Smart Security Cameras
  • How IP Security Cameras Work
    How IP Security Cameras Work
Best surveillance products

The Best Security Cameras

CCTV Camera World takes pride in offering professional surveillance cameras for your home or business. Explore our wide variety of IP cameras, Analog Cameras, and WiFi security cameras that we have to offer. Quality over quantity is our approach. All of our products are tested right here in the USA for their build quality. Rest assured you’re purchasing the best surveillance cameras on the market.

4K Security Camera

4K Security Cameras

Capture details you never thought possible with our 4K IP cameras. They're not just great for businesses; they're perfect for keeping your home safe too. With these home security cameras, you'll catch every detail in stunning clarity. Looking for the best facial detail possible? Consider our Ultimate Series 4K Cameras. The exceptional picture quality combined with smart camera features that minimize false motion alerts not only enhances your security but also provides unparalleled peace of mind, knowing your home is monitored with the utmost precision.

Outdoor rated, rain, snow or shine

Outdoor Weather Resistant

Our Outdoor Surveillance Cameras are at least IP66 rated to withstand some of the harshest environments for year-round security. Great design combined with uncompromising build materials means these cameras stand the test of time.

Night Vision Camera

Night Vision

High quality video capture in darkness is no obstacle using our cameras with infrared night vision. Many models come equipped with Starlight technology to record in full color in low light conditions at night time.

Smart surveillance camera powered by Artificial Intelligence

Smart Security Cameras with AI

Our home security cameras not only provide 24/7 coverage with flexible recording options to record on motion, they also have AI features like smart motion detection and Active Deterrence to prevent unwanted events.

Business building security

Business Security Cameras

Protect your business and employees with an UltraHD 4K PoE camera. We have a vast selection of cameras to choose from, such as Motorized Zoom Cameras, Surveillance Cameras with Audio, PTZ cameras, and License Plate Capture Cameras.


Frequently Asked Questions

The best is a professional wired surveillance cam that provides uncompromised video quality, night vision, motion detection, and long term video storage without recurring cloud storage fees. There are plenty of review sites polluting Google search results with Best Camera Guides, but their camera recommendations are all home consumer products that cannot match the video resolution offered by the professional products we carry here at CCTV Camera World. The long term cost of professional surveillance is not higher than home consumer solutions when you account for their recurring subscription costs. To pick the best business or home surveillance camera for yourself, you'll want to determine how far you'd like to see general detail during the day and night, how far you'd like to see facial detail, and if you need any special features like audio, Motorized Zoom, or Pan Tilt Zoom control. Start your adventure by reading our guide on how to choose a security camera.

All of the cameras and systems we sell have no monthly fee as they are professional products without any hidden charges for cloud storage. The remote viewing app for smartphones, and PC/Mac viewing software is also free of charge.

Most cameras we sell do not need WiFi to work and can even be used as standalone security cams. Only WiFi cameras that can join home or business wireless networks require WiFi. The internet is optional for all of our wired camera systems. WiFi or the Internet is only needed if you'd like to view your property using the remote viewing app when you’re at home or away.

Both wired and WiFi cameras from CCTV Camera World are easy to install. While running cabling for a wired camera may seem cumbersome, it does provide the best video quality and opens up the possibility to use a wide range of models. If you have a power outlet nearby where you'd like to install a camera, you can consider using one of our WiFi models. Simply connect them to their power source from a nearby wall outlet, and connect to your WiFi network or pair them to our WiFi NVR to get video streaming back to a recorder for on-premises recording without any monthly fees.

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