Swimming is a fun activity that many participate in every year as the weather starts warming up for the summer months. It is excellent exercise for all of your body’s muscle groups and a very competitive sport for many colleges and universities. Before all of this however, swimming is a life saving skill that everyone should learn about, but often it is overlooked.  Every year many people drown or are seriously injured. Drowning consistently is on top of the list as the most preventable type of death in many countries.

Many different factors contribute to these accidents every year, but many constants are present. Factors like alcohol, diving and jumping accidents, misjudging currents in open water, and in the case of children, parental supervision not being present. It’s up to parents and guardians to make a safe and accident free environment, and limit the potential hazards in home pool areas. This resource guide was created to provide a list of carefully handpicked sites where you will find important facts about swimming and technology’s role in making swimming safer the world over. We also list sources where you will find general information about swimming and related topics that anyone looking for more information would find helpful.

Competitive Swimming

USA Swimming 101 - A good resource from USA swimming regarding different types of strokes, and different competition standards.
Medicine Net Article about topics ranging from the history of swimming, competition standards, and medical information regarding risks and health benefits of swimming.
Livestrong A brief overview of the history of competitive swimming as a sport.
Enjoy Swimming An interesting resource with articles about a variety of things swimming related.
Orlando Sentinel An excellent resource with many different things related to competitive swimming.
College Swimming An official source for college swimming.
Athletic Scholarships Scholarships and guidelines for people that want to pursue swimming in college.

Resources for Teaching Swimming and Lessons

United States Swim School Association An excellent directory for swim class locations by state.
Coach Up Find swimming instructors near your city. Specifically for people trying to perfect and progress skills for training and competitions.
Active An excellent search database for all things swimming related from lessons to competitions and groups.
Teach Me to Swim A good website for many things related to learning to swim. Resources and tips on how to help your children learn and more.
Swim Smooth Instructions and tips for swimmers of all ages separated by skill level. Also valuable instructor tips to help teach others.
Enjoy Swimming Good resource with many different pages related to different types and skill levels related to swimming both learning and progressing.

Camera use in Swimming

Orlando Sentinel Poolside camera info and if they're right for your community.
Wikipedia A wikipedia article related to safety cameras in pools.
Camera Security Now A blog post about security cameras in pool use.
Centralized Vision An article about the benefits of using security cameras to decrease risk and danger.
Unlimited Security Protecting your swim area as an asset.

Camera Equipment to Prevent Drowning

Angel Eye Anti drowning system with detection technology.
Poseidon World renowned top of the line system that is very advanced.
Pool View Below the surface underwater cameras for life saving use.
Submersible Camera IP68 rated underwater camera for use in pools and fresh water for up to 50ft depths
Security Cameras Network cameras for use in robotics vision.
Digital Video Recorders Standalone video recording apparatus to record wireless and wired video signals.
Security Camera Systems Compact standalone camera systems adapted for use with unmanned vehicles.

Safety Articles

Pool Safely  An excellent safety resource with numerous articles and topics.
Healthy Children Very good tips and preventative methods for keeping your children safe and secure around pools and open water.
Swimming Pool A good swimming pool resource to help you watch out for children and pets.
Consumer Product Safety Commission A good resource about the danger of electrically charged equipment in pool areas and your home.
Safe Kids Swimming safety tips for your family this summer.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Standard tips and rules to follow to prevent unneeded injury.
Webmd A good guide for all things swimming related.
Red Cross American red cross article on safety and what to do in emergency situations.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention A well sourced article with links about drowning incidents nationwide.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Unintentional drowning death statistics over 10 years with graphs and sources.
Edgar Snyder Swimming injury statistics.
World Health Organization A well written source based article with statistics.
Relax and Swim Drowning statistics and warning signs of incidents as they are occurring.
Baby Guard Fence A well written article with statistics about drowning incidents.
Huffington post Article showing drowning as a leading cause of death for children five and younger.  
Oregon Health and Society University PDF about drowning prevention from an edu source.
Webmd Web source describing dry drowning symptoms and dangers.
Michels and Lew Statistics page.


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