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  • How to Get Started with your Security camera System

    Purchasing and setting up a security camera system, big or small, can be a daunting task for people who are not used to installing technology. For a home or business there are many different ways to install an IP security camera and recorder. This article focuses on the simple and easy plug and play PoE IP camera systems that CCTV Camera World offers. If you’re on the fence about purchasing, or just received a new security camera system read this article to learn more about the initial setup and some great tips to get started.

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  • How to configure an IP camera on the network

    As easy as a plug and play PoE IP security camera system can be there are other ways to set up a security camera system on a network. However, someone might want to set up only one camera on their network, or have a stubborn camera that is causing issues. This article aims to assist those who are having issues with setting up a system, or want to learn more about configuring a single IP camera on a network.

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  • Watching security cameras with a slow internet connection

    Now that remotely viewing security cameras is becoming more popular, it is important to know what internet speeds are needed to remotely view a camera system. While it's great to have a system that allows for remote viewing from anywhere, many times customer expectations are not met because of no fault of the cameras or surveillance system. Remote viewing video security cameras requires internet upload speed, which unfortunately is lacking on most internet service plans for the home and small business in the USA.

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