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1080P 2 Megapixel IP Camera System Builder


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Please choose the NVR you would like depending on the number of cameras you plan to record. All of these recorders have built-in PoE ports to power the camera, making IP camera setup plug & play. Remote viewing by iPhone, iPad, Google Android devices, PC and Apple computers is standard.

Select cameras using check boxes on the left, then choose quantity on the right.


Choose wiring for your ip camera system. You can choose pre-made cables that are cut to specific lengths with RJ45 connectors already tipped. If you are purchasing a 1000ft cable spool, be sure to also purchase RJ45 connectors and the crimp tool.

You can select a monitor to go along with your system. Our DVRs have a HDMI video output so you can also use your own HDTV.

If you are purchasing bulk cabling, be sure to purchase RJ45 connectors and crimp tool.


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You can use this custom security camera system builder to configure a 1080P IP Camera System utilizing 2 Megapixel IP Security Cameras with PoE. PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology allows both power and data to be transmitted between the cameras and the network video recorder (NVR). We have carefully selected our best selling and cost-effective NVRs for this custom system builder page. All of the NVRs and IP Cameras you see on this page have built-in PoE functionality, which makes installation easy. Simply connect the cameras to the NVR using CAT5e or better network cabling, and power on the NVR recorder. Using the Connect icon in the menu, the NVR will find the attached IP cameras and start recording. It's that easy.

If prepackaged IP camera systems found in department stores don't meet your needs, then this system builder is a great way to put together your customized camera system. You can choose from a variety of different high definition cameras for your business or home. Simply check the boxes on the left to select a camera, and then choose the quantity on the right.

Start with selecting the NVR based on the total number of security cameras you need; be sure to account for any future expansion as this will save you the hassle of upgrading the DVR later. If you are looking to build a 32 camera system, please visit our 32 IP camera system builder. After choosing your NVR, select the amount of hard drive storage space from the drop down menu below the NVR section in yellow.

When choosing the cameras, consider the following factors as they relate to your application:

  • Resolution - 2MP (1080p) or 1.3MP (720P)
  • Shape and design - dome vs bullet
  • Night vision distance - no infrared, 60ft, 100ft, 300ft
  • Mounting surface - wall, ceiling, or pole
  • Where the camera will be used - indoors or outdoors
  • Cost

CCTV Camera World camera systems support remote viewing via iPhone, iPad, Android devices, PC or MAC ComputersAll the cameras listed expect for PTZ network cameras are PoE compatible, meaning they can receive power and data over a single network cable going back to the built-in PoE switch on the DVR. You can run a single cable run up to 300ft without any signal loss. If you have cable runs that are longer, be sure to purchase a network cable extender.

For the larger PTZ cameras that have 20X and higher optical zoom, a 24V AC power supply is included which needs to be plugged in directly to a 110-220V power socket. A separate 2 lead wire will be needed to extend the power connection from the power supply to the PTZ. We recommend using a 18 awg wire for distances up to 70ft, and 16-14 awg for longer distances.

In addition to 1080P cameras, you can also choose 720P cameras (aka 1MP and 1.3MP) from the list below. All the NVRs on this page are able to record at multiple resolutions as follows depending on the camera's resolution:

  • 720P (1 or 1.3 Megapixel)
  • 1080P (2 Megapixel)
  • 3MP (3 Megapixel)
  • 5MP (5 Megapixel)

CCTV Camera World security camera systems send alerts to your phone or tablet upon motion activationCamera Features:

  • 2MP IP Cameras that record HD 1080P video
  • 1MP IP Cameras that record HD 720P video
  • Selectable Camera resolution can be downgraded to 1.3MP / 720P
  • H.264 Video Encoding Stream for the highest quality video while conserving bandwidth
  • 1080P Real Time Live Video at 30fps (frames per second)
  • PoE Power for Plug & Play operation
  • Some PTZ cameras require 24V AC

Video Recorder Features:

  • 4,8, or 16 PoE ports
  • H.264 Video Compression to save hard drive space and provide the clearest possible video
  • Real Time 1080P recording (30fps per camera)
  • Real Time 1.3MP or 720P recording on all NVRs
  • Large video storage capacity
    • 4 Channel NVR supports up to 4TB
    • 8 Channel NVR supports up to 8TB
    • 16 Channel NVR supports up to 16TB
  • HDMI video out for connection to HD TV
  • Selectable recording modes: continuous 24/7, schedule based recording, motion detection
  • Compatible with several types of devices for remote viewing
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • Google Android Phone or Tablet
    • Windows Phone
    • Windows PC Computer
    • Apple Computer
  • Motion Alerts automatically sent to your phone or email when motion is detected
  • Auto video recycling
  • Video backup to external USB drive or to PC over the local network or internet

Warranty and Tech Support
CCTV Camera World stands behind the products it sells. Our warranty is one of the best in the industry. Our products are covered by a Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects for up to 3 Years depending on the product. Also, all items are backed by a 30 day return policy. We offer Free Technical Support for any product purchased from us for the life of the product. Our sales and technical support staff strive to provide the best customer support experience.



Return Policy30 Days Return Policy
Warranty2 Year


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I have put together a custom system that includes the 16-channel POE NVR Pro, 9 IP2080A cameras, 3 IPD3FL dome cameras with audio, and one long-range license plate camera IPB260Z camera. I need to get specifics about how the NVR can manipulate the zoom lens, and how it can be used for 2-way audio with the dome cameras. Also, I need to know what phone apps can be used to do this. Finally, can I wire my driveway alarm as an input to the NVR? And can the NVR send emails and text messages?

Question by: Bonnie Ramey on: 2016-08-02

You can find videos on how the lens is manipulated on the link below. There are several ways to do it:

IPD3FL are not 2 way audio cameras. The have a microphone for listening in. There are no 2 way audio cameras that we offer.

For videos describing how our mobile and desktop software works, please visit this page: remote viewing security cameras.

Our NVRs have alarm inputs for NO/NC alarms, so you should be able to integrate a driveway alarm.

You can find more information on configuring the NVR to send email alerts in this article:

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2016-08-31

Will I be able to use existing Samsung cameras with this system? My cameras are PoE cameras connected to a Samsung DVR with cat 5e cables. Our dvr hard drive seems to have crashed and we are looking to upgrade without replacing every single camera we have.

Question by: Lee Dietzen on: 2017-11-28

Sorry we do not compatibility information of Samsung cameras with our NVRs.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2017-11-29