CCTV Paid Support, Configuration, Troubleshooting Session, Non-refundable

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We do offer free emailed based support which involves the user reading our self-help guides and managing their own cameras or security system. If you're looking for one of our experts to assist you beyond those free guides, then Paid support is a great way for novice users or users with time constraints to have our technical experts manage and/or configure your cameras or system purchased from CCTV Camera World.

Paid support includes phone based support to walk you through any instructions you find hard to understand in our self-help free support guides, or a remote desktop session into your computer or system to manage and configure any cameras, recorders or accessories.

Paid support is also available for networking issues common to deployment of IP camera systems on a network. Our PoE cameras work when directly plugged in to the back of the NVR from the same brand and do not require networking assistance. However, deployment of PoE IP cameras on the network is not plug and play for any PoE system and can be a challenging task to someone not experienced with computer networking or IP surveillance products.

The Paid support session starts with scheduling you for a date and time that works for you. Please allow at least 24 business hours for scheduling, excluding weekends and holidays.

At the time of your appointment, we will be speaking with you over the phone while simultaneously being logged into your computer from our office.  This will allow us to do all the leg work for you in configuring your system, cameras, or router. Just sit back, and let us work for you for the amount of time purchased.

This service is intended for anyone having difficulty following our written guides that encompass free-support, or having trouble connecting cameras to their NVR over their computer network, or accessing their IP cameras, DVR or NVR video recorder over their network or the Internet. If you need assistance with local and/or remote access, it will all be covered here. In addition to router configuration, this remote session can also be used for network related assistance with IP camera configurations.

Each purchase of NETHELP covers the amount of minutes purchased. Any overages will be billed accordingly, which you agree to by purchasing this product.

After hours service and immediate service are available for an additional charge. Please call our tech support department for more information.

Please note that paid support service is non-refundable.

Remote desktop assistance sessions or paid phone support are billed as follows:

  • 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute billing increments
  • Billed per support issue and cannot be carried over to another issue at a later date
  • Additional support time used beyond the amount purchased will be automatically billed
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