How to submit a RMA request

As per the terms and conditions you agreed to at checkout, all RMA requests must be submitted in writing. You can use the form below to provide the information requested in the sections below related to either a camera or recorder related RMA.

Proper precautions

Security cameras are electronic devices that are used indoors and outdoors. Although some cameras may have a weather resistant rating they are by no means weatherproof. Common weather events that can damage cameras include heavy rain, high winds, lightning strikes, and hail. Natural and unnatural water jets from sprinklers, hoses, or pressure washers can also damage cameras. It is the responsibility of the customer to understand that acts of God may damage a security camera or related equipment, and take the proper precautions to prevent weather events from damaging sensitive electronic equipment.


IP Cameras are sent with weather grommets that must be installed to protect the RJ45 connector on the pigtail. To further protect camera pigtails purchase a junction box, or conceal the connectors inside of a wall, eaves, or soffit. These same precautions can be used for coaxial BNC cameras as well.

Cameras should be installed and mounted on the side of the building or underneath an eaves where they are not subject to strong winds and rain if you would like to extend the life of the camera.

Cameras should be aimed at an angle where they are not directly exposed to harmful UV radiation from the sun. UV radiation will damage a camera's image sensor which is not covered under warranty.

Video Recorders

Like any expensive electronic inside a home or business the recorder should be connected to a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply. These devices help to prevent electrical damage from potential brownouts, black outs, or lightning strikes grounding through the building.

Recorders should not be placed in a hot room like an attic, or closet space with no airflow. Doing so will decrease the lifetime of your product significantly due to overheating, or condensation.

The limited product warranty does not provide coverage for any electrical damage caused by the use of improper power supplies or negligence in failure to protect the equipment.

Customer obligations for RMA request

Gather the following information before filling out an RMA request to avoid a back and forth with the RMA department.

Any attempt to avoid or subvert our requests for information will lead to denial of your RMA request. There are no exceptions to this policy for in-warranty inspection requests, or for returns during the 30-day return period after the shipment date.

Requirements for RMA request for non-functioning camera(s)

If you are requesting an RMA for a repair, or replacement of a camera or cameras you must meet the following obligations:

  1. Keep the camera at the same physical location regardless of if you are bench testing it, or departing from the building or client where it was originally installed.
  2. Bench test the camera using the same recorder that the camera was connected to before you discovered it was malfunctioning.
  3. Provide our tech support team with the following information after we have received your request:
    1. A picture of how the camera is mounted in its original location.
    2. A picture of how wire was connected to the camera at its pigtail connector
    3. A picture of the appropriate pigtail connector - the picture must show the condition of the inside of the connector
      1. For IP cameras this includes the RJ45 connector for PoE and 12VDC connector
      2. For coaxial cameras this includes the BNC connector and 12V DC or 24V AC power connector
  4. Provide remote access to your recorder. If you’re unsure how, please follow the video below and provide us with the P2P serial number in your RMA request.
  5. If you do not have an internet connection where the system is located, then you must provide a detailed and clear video filmed using a smartphone showing playback from that camera before it malfunctioned. If the camera is being used on a recorder, playback from the recorder in grid-view showing the affected camera and any other outdoor cameras.

Requirements for RMA request for a DVR, XVR, or NVR

If you are requesting an RMA for a repair or replacement of a recorder you must provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Does the power LED light up?
    1. Provide a picture of the front lights after powering the recorder on
  2. Does the DVR beep within one minute of a reboot or power cycle?
  3. Do you hear the fans spin or make noise during a reboot?
  4. Does the network port show activity when connected to a router?
    1. The network port is the Ethernet RJ45 jack on the back of the recorder. It should have green or amber lights when connected.
  5. Was an attempt made to open the case of the recorder?
  6. What video connection are you using? VGA or HDMI?
    1. Does your monitor or TV show a “Signal out of reach/Resolution not supported” error other than “No input/signal detected”?
  7. What is the make and model of the monitor you are using?
  8. How long is the video cable that you are using?
  9. Have you changed the password on the recorder from the default stated on the top cover of the unit?

Note: If your recorder uses a 110V cord you can ignore the following requests.

  1. Send a picture of the label on the power supply showing the input and output
  2. Is the power being shared, i.e. are you using a power splitter to power the recorder and other devices from the same supply?

Failure to fulfill the above requirements will not satisfy the request for an in-warranty RMA; the request will be handled as an out of warranty RMA. An out of warranty RMA request means that any inspection or repair will be done at cost to the buyer.

After you have compiled all of the requested information feel free to fill out the RMA request form below for review. If you are unable to provide all of the information in your initial request, mention that you have more information and wait for a reply from our RMA department. Requests that are received without an order number or email address will not receive a reply.

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