64 / 128 Channel NVR

64 Camera NVR by CCTV Camera World

Large scale professional NVR systems

Are you looking for a large scale security camera system? Consider our 64 or 128 channel NVRs (Network Video Recorders).

If you're looking for a large scale surveillance video system with more than 32 cameras for a business, look no further than our 64 channel and 128 channel NVRs. Businesses and security camera installers rely on our Network Video Recorders for a variety of reasons, including ease of use, dependability, low pricing, and quick and competent tech support.

The NVR recorders listed below can accommodate enormous storage arrays for storing massive amounts of video data required for recording up to 64 or 128 cameras. All of the 64 and 128 channel NVR models listed below can connect to and record 4K security cameras, including 8MP and 12MP IP cameras. You can create your own security camera system by combining IP cameras of various resolutions.

We carry compatible cameras that allow easy integration with our network video recorders, as well as the extra benefits of intelligent video analytics that third-party cameras cannot provide. Please keep in mind that a complete IP camera system will require CAT5e or CAT6 network cable as well as a PoE switch. It is important to note that an internet connection is not required to set up an NVR system; only a local network is required for the NVR to detect cameras.

Our 64 and 128 channel NVRs all support the most recent features, which include:

  • Remote viewing via smartphone with motion alerts
  • Our free central monitoring program allows for remote viewing from a PC or Mac.
  • Motion detection-based recording and push notifications to your smartphone
  • Email alerts triggered by motion
  • Intelligent video analytics from our cameras that support Smart Detection
  • Backup video to USB or FTP
  • Video backup to a third-party cloud storage service via FTP

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