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CCTV Camera World's 4K surveillance products include professional 4K IP cameras and 4K Analog security cameras. We have the right camera for you, regardless of whether you have an existing system or are looking for a new one. Our 4K cameras use professional 8MP image sensors that produce crisp and clear video that no home consumer camera can match. During the day, our Ultimate 4K security cameras can provide up to 80ft of facial detail. Our 8MP sensors capture more light, which improves low-light performance and overall image quality. The Ultra HD video resolution enables precise digital zoom from recorded video to catch a thief. When zooming in to obtain more information, such as a person's face, there is no need to be concerned about pixelation. Our 4K security cameras can record high resolution video in a tiny file size thanks to the newest H.265 video encoding technology. Learn More about security cameras All of our cameras feature smart motion detection technology to reduce annoying false motion events and a built-in webserver for tweaking settings. Some of our cameras also support live streaming to YouTube without the use of a dedicated PC. Regardless of whether you are looking for a high resolution camera for security or live streaming, we have the right products for you. If you're looking for a complete surveillance system that includes these cameras, check out our 4K security camera systems.

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What is a 4K security camera?

The latest and greatest in video security are 4K security cameras. A 4K camera, with image quality nearly four times that of normal HD 1080P, is a must-have for capturing any potential activity around your house or business. With the introduction of new and more cost-effective manufacturing methods, 4K security has become both affordable and incredibly advantageous. 4K PoE cameras produce incredible detail at greater distances while avoiding pixelation, which is prevalent with lower resolution products. When using 4K security cameras and the tremendous amount of digital zoom they have to offer, you should expect to see facial details up to 60 feet away during the day or in well-lit conditions. Check the table below for a comparison to lesser resolution security cameras.

Security Camera Resolution Comparison

As you can see, there is no contest between the clarity of images captured by lesser resolution cameras and the images captured by our 4K security cameras. Even the chart above cannot adequately demonstrate the value of investing in a 4K security camera system until you see it for yourself in person. The substantially larger image size allows for much greater digital zoom for situations requiring facial detail and even license plate numbers in some scenarios.

Is 8 MP the same as 4K?

The short answer is yes. 8MP sensors produce 4K video. When discussing image resolutions, it is critical to understand the relationship between the Megapixel format and the "K" or "P" format. MP stands for Megapixel or Millions of Pixels, and it is frequently used to describe a camera's sensor, or what a camera uses to capture video or photographs. The "K" or "P" in 4K, 2K, 1080P, or 720P refers to the video standard linked with the camera's Megapixel sensor. Both 8MP and 12MP are considered 4K resolutions, commonly known as UHD or UltraHD. A 4K or 8MP image has almost four times the pixels of a 2MP or 1080P standard HD image. A 2K or 4MP image, often known as QHD or Quad HD, has roughly half the pixels of an 8MP image. The MP value is derived from the camera's real resolution in pixels; examples include 3000x4000 (12 million) for 12MP, 3840x2160 (8.3 million) for 8MP, and 1920x1080 (2 million) for a 2MP camera.

Why should I buy 4K security cameras?

When thinking about buying surveillance cameras to secure your house or business, it is critical to educate yourself about all of the options. With this in mind, you want to make certain that you protect your investments as well as possible. You can rest easy knowing that 4K security cameras from CCTV Camera World will not miss anything crucial that happens around your home or establishment. You do not want to forgo quality in order to save money upfront by selecting lower-end cameras. Today's crooks are aware of their surroundings, and it is simple for them to slip about or conceal themselves with lower-quality cameras. These subversive perpetrators' ability to elude essential surveillance is considerably reduced by 4K security cameras.

What is the best 4K security camera?

The best 4K security camera is determined by the application and what the camera is designed to capture. CCTV Camera World has two types of 4K cameras to offer: our standard line and our Ultimate series.

Looking for the best of the best?

Our Ultimate series 4K security cameras have the greatest visual quality in the security camera business. The Ultimate series includes our 12MP cameras, yes, 12 Megapixels! Unrivaled clarity makes our Ultimate series cameras the clear choice for anyone looking for the absolute best of the best. In the right conditions, our Ultimate series 4K cameras can see a face up to 80 feet away during daylight!

Want 4K without breaking the bank?

We also carry our standard line of 4K cameras that produce an 8MP image but use a cost-effective sensor. While these cameras capture video images in a 3840x2160 frame, they offer a minor improvement in digital zoom over our 2K 4MP IP cameras. With our standard line of 4K, you can expect to see facial details up to 40 to 50 feet away.

Are 4K security cameras worth the cost?

Investing in the best security camera detail is practically a no-brainer. Reduced image clarity from inexpensive security cameras could hinder prosecution of intruders. Avoid the penny wise and pound foolish mentality. Everyone is searching for a bargain, but when it comes to securing valuable property such as a home or business, it is necessary not to make any sacrifices. Intruders and robbers will inevitably exploit the compromises you make in surveillance. 4K security cameras provide the highest level of video clarity available. They can identify a person from up to 80 feet away due to superior digital zoom and clarity.

It's also important to note that the quality of 4K security cameras on the market varies. To keep prices low, cheaper cameras sold on Amazon, big box retail stores, and other of our online competitors employ low-cost image sensors. When using digital zoom, low-quality sensors result in poor image quality with pixelated, distorted, and grainy video. When apples are compared to apples, low-cost 4K cameras perform no better than CCTV Camera World's 4MP 2K security cameras! If you want to understand more about the subtle differences with real-world examples, read our article Why Not to Buy Cheap Security Cameras.

How do I record a 4K security camera?

4K security cameras can be installed as part of a camera system with a network video recorder or as a standalone recording solution with an SD card. CCTV Camera World's NVR systems all offer 4K 8MP recording, while our higher end versions also support the extreme 12MP resolution. If you want video retention longer than 2 days for a couple of cameras, we recommend getting an NVR.

A PC or Mac computer, as well as a router, are required for using a standalone 4K camera. If you simply want to install a couple of cameras and are comfortable with only 2 to 3 days of continuous recording, choose a security camera with an SD card and read our standalone camera guide to learn more.

Types of 4K Cameras

4K 15 Frames per Second

The initial generation of 4K cameras, with 15 frames per second, is still one of the most popular options. Don't get stuck thinking that a greater frame rate is required; 15 fps is more than adequate for most security reasons.

4K 30 Frames per Second

With upgraded technology, 4K cameras can now record at 30 frames per second. 30 frames per second is useful in areas with high foot traffic, where products are manufactured and stored, or where money is exchanged.

4K with Audio

4K IP cameras with built-in microphones or audio connectors for external microphones can capture and integrate audio while recording video. Cameras with audio are great for residential front doors and gates, front offices and storefronts, and employee monitoring.

Active Deterrence

Active Deterrence security cameras with a loudspeaker and lighting allow users to intimidate potential intruders via the mobile app or PC software. By linking motion detection or smart detection rules, the speaker and light can be activated automatically.

Motorized Zoom

A motorized zoom camera is an excellent tool for long-range surveillance. Zoom lenses are mechanically moved in real time to allow viewers to adjust the view of a camera using the smartphone app or PC software. 4K motorized zoom cameras, along with crisp digital zoom, provide astonishing long-distance visual clarity.

Smart Security Cameras

CCTV Camera World's  smart security cameras now have the most up-to-date analytics to optimize event detection. When compared to simple video-based motion detection, rules such as digital tripwires and intrusion detection are more advanced and accurate. Some cameras even offer face detection to capture a face database.

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