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CCTV Camera World Knowledge Base

  • How to Send 4 Security Camera Signals over 1 Wire

    Security camera installations vary greatly depending on what the requirements for the system are. A common problem that we are contacted about is sending multiple camera signals over one wire in a HD over coax system. Fortunately there is a solution for sending up to 4 camera signals over 1 wire using equipment called passive video balun hubs. A pair of hubs is able to send 4 camera signals from a transceiver to a receiver and then to a DVR using 1 Ethernet cable rather than installing a separate cable for each camera back to the DVR.

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  • How to Change the ID on a PTZ Camera

    To receive commands over a coax cable or RS485 wire HD PTZ cameras have IDs that tell a DVR or controller where to send the commands. If two PTZ cameras are set to the same ID then they will receive the same commands. This causes both cameras to move in the same direction at the same time. Most people want to control their PTZ cameras individually, and in order to do that each PTZ needs a unique ID.

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  • Tips on how to protect your Security Cameras from hackers

    In this day and age it is no surprise that devices on the internet are under attack from hackers and automated computer programs called bots. In order for people to remotely view their security cameras the recorder or cameras needs to have an internet connection. However this means that security cameras and systems are vulnerable to potential attacks. Fortunately there are many things that homeowners and business owners can do to prevent their security cameras from being compromised.

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  • How to Troubleshoot a Security Camera

    The simplicity of network based security cameras offered by CCTV Camera World makes troubleshooting a relatively easy process. Our IP cameras, network cameras, and PoE cameras feature plug and play technology that allows them to intelligently talk to our PoE NVRs. When you purchase a NVR with a built-in PoE switch, and our PoE Cameras, you are purchasing components that are designed to recognize each other as friendly devices. Connecting them together simply requires a working network cable. If for some reason your security camera is not working, it is easy to figure out whether it is the camera, your cable or something else that is the culprit.

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  • Barn Security Camera System

    Security camera systems are not only for urban areas where crime is a known threat, security cameras are also great for rural areas and farms as well. Whether to monitor livestock or prevent equipment theft, security systems are useful for almost any project. Even without internet access to a barn it is possible to monitor and manage a farm security camera system. Read more to learn how easy it is to setup barn security and animal monitoring.

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  • How to replace Lorex Security Cameras and Systems

    Businesses that push their products through advertising and marketplaces like Amazon are only interested in selling as much as possible. One of those businesses in the security camera industry is Lorex. When companies like Lorex put a focus on sales rather than providing great technical and customer service the results are predictable: unsatisfied customers. Those unsatisfied customers are not afraid to voice their experiences about Lorex.

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  • The Best License Plate Capture Camera Guide

    When shopping for a security camera system, customer's usually focus on purchasing the best resolution cameras such as 4K security cameras to capture the greatest detail possible of intruders. While that logic may suffice in some instances, it doesn't help when they get robbed in the middle of the night by suspects wearing masks and the only way to identify the perpetrators is by the license plate on the vehicle that was parked right outside the main door. We hear about this too often that the surveillance camera looking right at the car didn't get the plate numbers, but instead captured a really bright and shiny license plate at night like that pictured below.
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  • How to Record a Barking Dog Problem

    It’s no surprise that we get a lot of customers looking to record a particular nuisance that is common in rural, urban, and suburban areas alike. That nuisance is a dog barking at odd hours of the night and the dog’s owner doing nothing to keep their pet quiet. Customers who are on the receiving end of a dog barking at odd hours contact us expressing frustration that when bringing the issue up to authorities their claims are often met with dismissal. Animal control and the police usually require a well documented history of a dog barking to consider it a submissible complaint. In this article we’ll show how the audio detection feature in our IP cameras and security camera systems can help to build a history of the dog being a problem.

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  • How to Setup Audio Detection on a Security Camera System

    Audio Detection is a feature that can be a very reliable way to capture a conversation or other important sounds that need to be recorded. It allows a security camera with a built-in microphone or audio line-in to trigger recording when sound is detected. You no longer have to rely on video-based motion detection to try and capture audio of an event and missing out on everything that was said. With audio detection you can even capture video/audio when persons are conversing outside the camera's field of view, but near enough to activate audio detection. You can finely adjust the sensitivity and threshold settings to decrease your storage needs. In this guide we show you how to setup and use audio detection with surveillance cameras purchased from CCTV Camera World.

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  • How to Troubleshoot HD Security Cameras Over Coax

    Unlike network based security cameras, HD security cameras over Coax use BNC RG59U siamese cable that is a combination of coax video and power wiring. Coax wire is difficult to crimp if you are using cable from a spool, which can lead to many mistakes being made when installing security cameras. It is important to understand how to properly run and crimp coax cabling to avoid careless mistakes that end up becoming time consuming. Another important factor when working with coax or BNC security cameras is power. Below we’ll cover some of the most common issues that can be investigated and resolved.

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  • How to access PoE cameras in an NVR system

    There are settings on PoE cameras like license plate, PTZ, and Smart Detection cameras that require fine tuning for the best possible performance. To finely adjust these settings the camera usually requires the user to access the camera through the web interface. Anyone using our IP cameras with a plug and play PoE NVR may be wondering how they can access the settings of their IP cameras. Fortunately CCTV Camera World’s NVRs support direct access to the web interface of our PoE cameras through the NVR with ease.

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  • Recording a DVR or NVR to FTP on your NAS

    NAS storage devices are prevalent and relatively inexpensive these days. They can not only be used to store your personal or business documents, pictures, and videos, but they can also be used as a redundant backup point for your security camera system. The videos below shows you how to configure settings for your FTP on our digital video recorders (both NVR or DVR) so you can commit live video backups via FTP. Continue reading

  • How to Find Your IP Camera on the Network

    Configuration tools are important when it comes to setting up, owning and managing a security camera system. These tools are especially useful when it comes to configuring IP security camera systems. This includes configuring recorders such as NVRs, DVRs, and XVRs for a network to set up remote viewing. In the article below we show how to install and use the Config Tool for various useful functions. There are more things you can do with the Config Tool but they are advanced and usually unnecessary. We even use the software on a day to day basis to test and prepare equipment for our customers.

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  • How to find the IP address of your security camera recorder

    The IP address of your security camera recorder is an important piece on information that you should know. Knowing the IP address for the DVR or NVR recorder will allow you to follow the guides and tutorials that you may need depending on your use case scenario. Most commonly, the IP address is needed to access the recorder over the LAN (Local Area Network) that is the local computer network as opposed to the WAN (Wide Area Network) which is usually the Internet.

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  • Checking Security Camera System Log File

    When you encounter an issue with your security camera system it is important to take necessary troubleshooting steps. To aid with troubleshooting our recorders save system logs. They are accessible by using the Info section on the Main Menu of the recorder. This allows you to select a given date range to search for logs. The logs provide useful information that contain codes or relevant troubleshooting information. Some important logs include: powering off/on, restarts, Hard Disk errors, and account access.

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  • How to use the Universal Series Security Camera System

    This guide is meant for customers who have purchased the UNV security camera recorder from CCTV Camera World. The Universal series NVRs are compatible replacements for several third party products like Q-See Halifax or Knox recorders. To get started quickly with how to operate your new recorder we recommend watching the video guide below which provides all the useful information you would need in comprehensive yet brief videos.

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  • How to Connect Q-See Cameras to an Avalonix NVR

    This post is meant to assist customers who are moving away from their Q-see NVRs and attempting to connect their old QC series IP cameras with NVRs from CCTV Camera World. It is important to understand that IP cameras require a correct username and password for the admin user to allow the NVR to connect to the camera and stream video. In this post we explain how to connect old QC series cameras to our NVR recorders.

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  • How to Connect a Siren to a Security Camera System

    A great feature of CCTV Camera World’s security camera systems is the ability to add an external siren to the DVR or NVR. It is possible to connect a siren to our recorders that have an alarm input/output panel on the back. An external siren can alert a homeowner or business of potential intruders while also letting intruders know they have been spotted and alerted neighbors. In this article we show how to wire a siren correctly into our security camera systems and enable the correct settings.

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  • How to power a PoE security camera using a PoE injector

    PoE injectors come in many different shapes, sizes, and ratings. PoE or Power over Ethernet technology greatly simplifies installation of surveillance cameras, which mostly feature PoE technology built-in if you've decided to purchase network based cameras. PoE injectors are usually required when using one camera as a standalone security camera or if you are powering a PTZ camera with night vision which usually have high wattage consumption.

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  • How to power a PoE security camera using a PoE switch

    PoE switches enable customers to fully customize their PoE security camera systems. Power over Ethernet or PoE technology is extremely useful for security cameras. PoE switches are commonly used for installations at larger facilities like warehouses or factories, or when installing a system between two buildings. PoE switches can be "daisy chained" to act as camera hubs, or extend cable runs. We recommend exercising caution before using any PoE switch to ensure that it is not capable of outputting Passive PoE power. While powering a camera using a PoE switch, the optional 12V DC connector is unneeded.

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