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Analog Security Cameras, commonly referred to as Analog CCTV Cameras, are standard definition cameras that use the composite video baseband signal (CVBS) to transmit video over a coaxial wire. Analog wired security cameras have been the industry standard since the dawn of video surveillance products because they are easy to install, are very reliable, and you don't have to worry about them being hacked since they are usually on a closed circuit system. If you're looking to replace older security cameras that use BNC connectors, then the cameras below are most likely the ones you're looking for.

We offer a variety of analog cameras that include both standard definition cameras, and HD security cameras that are capable of switching video to standard definition with a user selectable setting. Standard definition video is non-HD video quality that includes the following resolutions: 480P, D1, and 960H. Since most of our analog CCTV cameras have the capability to be switched between 4 different signal modes, they are also commonly referred to as 4-in-1 security cameras. By using an On Screen Display menu the camera and one of our DVRs, the cameras can be set to the desired mode. If you're interested in using our 4-in-1 analog cameras with your older CCTV system, please let us know what signal mode you would like the cameras set to. Additionally, not only can these cameras be used as part of a security camera system along with a DVR recorder, they can also be used as standalone with a BNC monitor and video quad processor to watch video from the cameras without having worries of any hacking.

When purchasing, make sure you verify the voltage of the power supply you intend to use. Unless otherwise specified, most of the cameras below require 12V DC power from a hardwired 12VDC power supply box or 12VDC power adaptor.

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