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Security Camera Help

  • How to Use a Security Camera as Standalone

    You may be looking at security cameras for a purpose other than security and safety. On a daily basis we receive inquiries about how to use our cameras for observation related uses, such as watching after animals in a zoo or animal sanctuary, live streaming a sporting event, or time-lapse capture of a construction project. Whether you want to capture video or snapshots, our cameras can handle any task. In this guide we show how to get started with your standalone camera project using our IP cameras.

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  • How to use your Security Camera System

    In this comprehensive video guide, we demonstrate the plethora of basic functions that our security camera recorders have to offer. After you purchase your system, this guide is a starting point for learning how to use your security camera system. We start from learning to login to the recorder, and end with downloading video from the recorder and playing it back on your PC. For other functions, feel free to check out our DVR NVR help section.
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  • How to Send 4 Security Camera Signals over 1 Wire

    Security camera installations vary greatly depending on what the requirements for the system are. A common problem that we are contacted about is sending multiple camera signals over one wire in a HD over coax system. Fortunately there is a solution for sending up to 4 camera signals over 1 wire using equipment called passive video balun hubs. A pair of hubs is able to send 4 camera signals from a transceiver to a receiver and then to a DVR using 1 Ethernet cable rather than installing a separate cable for each camera back to the DVR.

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  • Tips on how to protect your Security Cameras from hackers

    In this day and age it is no surprise that devices on the internet are under attack from hackers and automated computer programs called bots. In order for users to remotely view their security cameras the recorder or cameras needs to have an internet connection. However this means that security cameras and systems are vulnerable to potential attacks. Fortunately there are many things that homeowners and business owners can do to prevent their security cameras from being compromised.

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  • How to Troubleshoot a Security Camera

    The simplicity of network based security cameras offered by CCTV Camera World makes troubleshooting a relatively easy process. Our IP cameras, network cameras, and PoE cameras feature plug and play technology that allows them to intelligently talk to our PoE NVRs. When you purchase a NVR with a built-in PoE switch, and our PoE Cameras, you are purchasing components that are designed to recognize each other as friendly devices. Connecting them together simply requires a working network cable. If for some reason your security camera is not working, it is easy to figure out whether it is the camera, your cable or something else that is the culprit.

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  • How to Record a Barking Dog Problem

    It’s no surprise that we get a lot of customers looking to record a particular nuisance that is common in rural, urban, and suburban areas alike. That nuisance is a dog barking at odd hours of the night and the dog’s owner doing nothing to keep their pet quiet. Customers who are on the receiving end of a dog barking at odd hours contact us expressing frustration that when bringing the issue up to authorities their claims are often met with dismissal. Animal control and the police usually require a well documented history of a dog barking to consider it a submissible complaint. In this article we’ll show how the audio detection feature in our IP cameras and security camera systems can help to build a history of the dog being a problem.

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  • How to Setup Audio Detection on a Security Camera System

    Audio Detection is a feature that can be a very reliable way to capture a conversation or other important sounds that need to be recorded. It allows a security camera with a built-in microphone or audio line-in to trigger recording when sound is detected. You no longer have to rely on video-based motion detection to try and capture audio of an event and missing out on everything that was said. With audio detection you can even capture video/audio when persons are conversing outside the camera's field of view, but near enough to activate audio detection. You can finely adjust the sensitivity and threshold settings to decrease your storage needs. In this guide we show you how to setup and use audio detection with surveillance cameras purchased from CCTV Camera World.

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  • How to Troubleshoot HD Security Cameras Over Coax

    Unlike network based security cameras, HD security cameras over Coax use BNC RG59U siamese cable that is a combination of coax video and power wiring. Coax wire is difficult to crimp if you are using cable from a spool, which can lead to many mistakes being made when installing security cameras. It is important to understand how to properly run and crimp coax cabling to avoid careless mistakes that end up becoming time consuming. Another important factor when working with coax or BNC security cameras is power. Below we’ll cover some of the most common issues that can be investigated and resolved.

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  • How to use the Universal Series Security Camera System

    This guide is meant for customers who have purchased the UNV security camera recorder from CCTV Camera World. The Universal series NVRs are compatible replacements for several third party products like Q-See Halifax or Knox recorders. To get started quickly with how to operate your new recorder we recommend watching the video guide below which provides all the useful information you would need in comprehensive yet brief videos.

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  • How to replace Q-See Security Cameras and Systems

    Large corporations that prioritize sales volume over quality of their products and support are on shaky grounds. Unsurprisingly the closure of one of the largest competitors of ours was a long time coming. Q-See is the latest business in the CCTV industry to go out of business because of their ill-fated business practices. QSee Corporation was a fairly large corporation based in California that specialized in low-cost surveillance products for the home consumer and small business market. For the last 18 years they were in business, you could find their products in Costco, Amazon, and Newegg at low-low prices. Unfortunately such low prices only mean one thing, i.e. lack of competent support. According to the BBB profile about QSee their support was non-existent. If you visit you will find a message stating they are closing their doors for good on January 31, 2021, and leaving their customers hanging to find ways to ensure their security camera systems are still remotely viewable after the cloud services are terminated at the end of January.

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  • Security Camera System Troubleshooting

    When your security camera system stops working it is one of those events that make you go “Now what?” There's plenty of stuff in life going wrong and the last thing you need is your camera system to stop working. Fortunately for you, as our customer, the reliability of our systems is barnone. Most of the time any issues that arise are due to user error, or misconfigured settings.

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  • How to connect an IP camera to a PoE NVR

    In this very brief article we’ll cover just how easy it is to connect a plug and play IP camera from CCTV Camera World. Plug and play means that with a camera and a cable the setup is very easy. Simply connect an Ethernet cable to the back of the NVR and connect the other end of the cable to the camera. There’s not much else to it, unless the passwords don’t match and even then there’s an easy set of steps to clear out password errors.

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  • What is RTSP?

    RTSP or Real Time Streaming Protocol is included on all IP cameras, NVRs, and DVRs that CCTV Camera World sells. RTSP provides the flexibility to integrate video from products manufactured by one company in to third party products. RTSP is a video streaming protocol that provides a video stream for use in third party software or recorders, or for use in live streaming applications. Continue reading to learn more about RTSP streaming and what it can be used for.

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  • How to configure an IP camera on the network

    As easy as a plug and play PoE IP security camera system can be there are other ways to set up a security camera system on a network. However, someone might want to set up only one camera on their network, or have a stubborn camera that is causing issues. This article aims to assist those who are having issues with setting up a system, or want to learn more about configuring a single IP camera on a network.

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  • Watching security cameras with a slow internet connection

    Now that remotely viewing security cameras is becoming more popular, it is important to know what internet speeds are needed to remotely view a camera system. While it's great to have a system that allows for remote viewing from anywhere, many times customer expectations are not met because of no fault of the cameras or surveillance system. Remote viewing video security cameras requires internet upload speed, which unfortunately is lacking on most internet service plans for the home and small business in the USA.

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  • How to connect your security camera to the Internet

    Security cameras that can be connected to the internet directly are called IP cameras or PoE cameras. They are digital cameras that allow the camera to be connected to an internet connection without the need for a recorder or a computer to allow internet connectivity. In this guide we demonstrate how to configure a new uninitialized camera and connect it to the internet for remote viewing.

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  • Ways to Secure Your Security Camera System on the Internet

    Everyone wants to watch their security cameras remotely, and to do so requires placing the camera system on the internet. Having a security camera system is one thing, keeping it secure on the internet is another. Putting a surveillance system online for remote viewing is like having a house on the road that anyone can drive by and see. Like your home, you’ll want to make sure your camera system is secure. If someone hacks your system it is almost the same as them breaking into your home. In this article we discuss the different methods available to secure your security cameras on the internet.

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  • How to secure a security camera for use over the web

    In corporate or military network environments there can be strict requirements to use IP security camera equipment. One of those requirements is HTTPS access which safely encrypts data between the web browser and the network camera. All of the IP cameras and Network Video Recorders we carry at CCTV Camera World have a built-in web server and our models from 2019 onwards support SSL implementation for access. This guide will show you how to enable and setup HTTPS access on your IP camera. The same process can be followed on our NVRs.

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  • Viewing an IP Camera on a Smart TV

    Among the many different ways that security cameras are used, we are often asked if it is possible to view an IP camera directly on a Smart TV without using a NVR recorder. With most Smart TVs on the market there is no application that is available to watch IP cameras directly on the TV. In this guide we show how to use an Android TV box by downloading an App to connect an IP camera to a Smart TV or any monitor that has an HDMI input.
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  • Security Camera Installation Tips

    Security cameras are important for the safety of any and all property, but they will perform only as well as they are installed. Whether you install your security cameras yourself or have this professionally done, there are always going to be some important points to keep in mind to ensure maximum return on investment.
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