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Large scale professional NVR systems

Do you need to secure a large property or business with a 32 camera system? A 32 channel NVR from CCTV Camera World, together with our IP cameras, makes it simple to set up a 32 camera security system.

We offer compatible PoE cameras that are supported by the 32 camera network video recorders listed below. 4K security cameras are supported by all 32 channel NVR recorders. Certain recorders even accommodate 12MP IP cameras. Simply look for the 12MP logo in the product image or description. There are numerous solutions available depending on your budget, maximum camera resolution, encoding power, and maximum DVR hard disk storage. The larger NVRs listed below have up to 8 hard drive bays, offering adequate storage for any security camera system.

Some 32 Channel NVRs offer 16 built-in PoE ports for simple plug-and-play installation. The inbuilt PoE switch on the back allows the NVR to instantly connect to any of our compatible cameras without the need for the user to be familiar with computer networking. Cameras that are not directly connected to the NVR are added via a local network that consists of a PoE switch to which the NVR and cameras connect. To connect cameras to a PoE switch or the NVR, you'll need ethernet cable, such as CAT5e or CAT6. The Internet is not required to operate a 32-camera NVR system, but it is essential for remote viewing via the web.

Our systems are all extremely simple to use, with viewing and monitoring via software installed on a PC or Mac, remote access using Smartphones, and simple video backup to a USB or FTP server. We offer compatible cameras that support advanced video analytics and provide convenient motion-activated alerts.

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