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Remote viewing from a smartphone, tablet, or PC

DVR recorders are the most important part of any security system. DVRs are responsible for displaying, recording, and playback of critical surveillance video from Analog Security Cameras. A modern DVR, also known as an XVR, supports video signal types that are transmitted over RG59U or RG6 coaxial cable. The 4 signal types are: CVBS, HDCVI, HDTVI, and AHD. XVRs also have the ability to connect to and record IP security cameras over a local network using a PoE switch. If you have an older HDCVI DVR, an XVR from CCTV Camera World is a great upgrade. Our DVRs deliver quality you can rely on, with surveillance-rated hard drives that come with a 3 year warranty.

All of the DVR recorders and XVRs by CCTV Camera World come with technical support for the lifetime of the product, free remote viewing apps for iPhones and Android phones, as well as free PC and Mac software that is available for download. No more dealing with frustrating language barriers or support agents that read scripts from a screen; our support staff receives hands-on training with our products and provides unrivaled service from right here in the United States.

You can keep an eye on intruders with built-in video motion detection, which can be combined with push notifications sent directly to our smartphone app. If you want to record audio, any of our security cameras with built-in microphone will send audio and video to our DVRs through a single coax cable. If you prefer using add-on security camera microphones, we have DVR recorders with RCA inputs on the back. Break free from your monthly equipment contract or upgrade your aging DVR by purchasing one of our professional-grade DVR recorders!

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Why buy DVRs from CCTV Camera World?

We are passionate about what we do and the cctv camera products we sell. We believe in helping our customers and providing them with the peace of mind that they are purchasing reliable cctv equipment that will help keep an eye on their property and loved ones. We stand behind the products we sell, and test every single one before shipping it to our customers. We provide stellar technical support and work tirelessly to create informational videos and articles to help customers understand and use the security camera products purchased from CCTVCameraWorld. With every system or DVR purchase, we provide free networking support to help customers port forward their router so they can view their cameras remotely from anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available.

What to expect from CCTV Camera World DVRs & NVRs

Remote Viewing

CCTV Camera World camera systems support remote viewing via iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, PC and MAC Computers, windows phones

All of the security camera systems sold by CCTV Camera World allow remote viewing from anywhere in the world without any monthly charges. We provide free remote viewing apps for all the popular smart phones like the iPhone, Android Phones, and even Windows Phones. We also provide free apps for tablets and phablets to use with our recorders and IP cameras. With every DVR, cctv system, or IP camera purchase we also provide free computer remote viewing software that is fully compatible with MAC or PC windows computers. You can also view your system using a web browser to view your security system from anywhere you have access to a computer. Our digital video recorders, network video recorders, and Tribrid DVRs are fully compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Motion Alerts

Get motion activated alerts to your phone or tablet without any monthly charges

All of our video recorders have built-in motion detection where video from each camera is analyzed for changes without needing an actual motion detector. You can plug any compatible camera in to our DVRs, and the recorder will analyze the video feeds for motion. Where available, our DVR recorders and NVR also have alarm inputs that allow external PIR (motion) sensors to be connected for precise motion detection. Regardless of the method of motion detection, our security camera recorders can send motion alerts to either a smartphone, tablet, computer software, or preferred email address. You can even configure the DVR to upload images or video to the Cloud or your own NAS server by using FTP, which is a great way to keep a backup in case your recorder is stolen during a robbery.

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