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Security Cameras

How To Choose The Right Security Camera
How to Choose a Security Camera

Security Cameras

The best surveillance cameras for the DIYer

Security cameras with the latest technology backed by CCTV Camera World’s easy to reach support experts will help you protect your home or business. We specialize in professional surveillance cameras including indoor and outdoor security cameras, featuring dome, bullet and PTZ camera styles. Our wide selection of Pro Level home and business security cameras are suitable for any camera system. Our outdoor surveillance cameras are designed to withstand rain, snow, and dust thanks to their IP66 and higher weather proof ratings. Rugged design, infrared night vision, and great picture quality make our HD security cameras a perfect fit for your security camera system. All of our cameras use a single cable to send video, audio and power, making installation easy enough for any DIYer. Every security camera from CCTV Camera World comes with experienced technical support based in the USA, and provides unbeatable value & quality to protect your home or business to keep an eye when away.

Wondering which camera you should buy? Watch the video tutorial to the right to learn how to choose the best security camera for your application.

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Learn more about how easy it is to use our Security Cameras.
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Learn More About How To Use Security Cameras

Camera Installation Videos

How to install security cameras on the wall?

How to install dome cameras on the ceiling?

Security Camera Storage Calculator

An important step in selecting the correct security camera for your use is knowing how much storage will be required to record video from the camera. Although the latest and greatest resolution security cameras are great to have, knowing that correct hard drive size to buy with your DVR or NVR is vital to making sure ample days of recording is saved. The storage calculator below by CCTV Camera World is a simple and time saving tool to calculate how much hard drive storage space is needed for any of the security cameras we sell. Begin by pressing Add Cameras to add a camera stream for one or multiple cameras. Then select compression, resolution, frame rate, and whether the camera has audio. After you have entered the camera streams, scroll down to Days of Recording and enter days of recording needed. This tool will then display the total HDD required on the right side.

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Suggested Reading

Why buy from CCTV Camera World?

CCTV Camera World's surveillance cameras are professional quality products with image sensors that are superior to those found in inexpensive cameras found online at bargain marketplaces. We test every single product we sell before listing it in our online catalog. If it doesn't meet our standards, we don't sell it. We pride ourselves in selling quality products that we use in our own business. To see for yourself we recommend reading this comparison of our 4K security cameras versus that of lower cost 4K cameras from a popular online marketplace.

Which security camera should I buy?

We believe in empowering you as the customer with the necessary knowledge to choose the correct camera for yourself. There are a lot of variables behind choosing a suitable camera system. We suggest reading our guide on How to choose a security camera to learn the knowledge base that a professional security camera installer has.

What is the difference between an IP Camera and HD over coax Camera?

HD over Coax Cameras use coax cable to transmit video to a DVR. IP cameras use Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology or WiFi to send video over a computer network to a Network Video Recorder. As of 2019, both Coax and IP network cameras support 4K resolution. The type of camera you purchase, depends on whether you have existing coax cable or are starting fresh. If it's the latter, we recommend purchasing PoE cameras, which are IP and allow plug and play compatibility with our NVR recorders.

Can these cameras be viewed remotely?

Internet is required at the location of the cameras if you would like to watch your cameras remotely. We provide free iOS and Android apps for smartphones, and free central monitoring software for the PC and Mac to view our cameras and systems remotely. You can find demo videos here.
Security Cameras
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