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Security Camera System

Security Camera Systems

Professional Surveillance Systems with AI technology

CCTV Camera World takes pride in offering professional quality surveillance systems for the home or business, backed by US based expert technical support. We have extensive knowledge of the CCTV equipment we sell, which enables us to provide fast and effective support. Our primary objective is to match each customer to a system that will work for their needs. For most home and small business use, our prepackaged surveillance systems listed below will suffice. For projects requiring different camera types for each mounting location, we suggest building the system a la carte or by using our Custom Security System page. Regardless of the route you take, our security systems are easy to install, and user friendly. Standard features of all of our kits include motion activated recording, remote access via the Internet, indoor and outdoor cameras, and infrared night vision to see in complete darkness. At the heart of each kit is a professional Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR) that can store days, weeks, or even months of security footage. CCTV Camera World is proud to offer standalone security systems available in Analog, HD Over Coax, and Digital IP signal types. If you're unsure of which system is right for you, continue reading below.

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How To Choose a Security Camera System

Gone are the days of a one size fits all approach to CCTV where analog cameras were the only type of camera available. These days there are several different varieties of security camera types to choose from when buying a security system, ranging in resolution from 1080P to 4K. You can select between two different system types:

  • Analog Security Systems
    Analog systems use HD over Coax technology to support video resolutions up to 4K. The signal is sent over a siamese coaxial cable up to 1600ft. They are a great choice for installations where there is existing coax cable in place from older CCTV systems, or where long cable runs are required. Cameras also tend to be less expensive and are simpler to install and maintain in large scale surveillance systems.
  • Wired IP Security Systems
    Also known as a PoE System is available in resolutions even higher than 4K Ultra HD. The cameras use network cable to transmit video as a data signal that can be sent directly to a PoE NVR or over a computer network. These systems are recommended for new installations as they offer cutting edge technology and customization of video quality from each camera by logging in to its web server.

System Features

Below is an outline of features that are standard in all of our security camera systems, regardless of whether it is a HD IP camera system or Security DVR system. Even our 2 camera systems come with the same standard features as our larger and more advanced systems. The difference between systems is the recording resolution, the camera type, lens and infrared night vision distance. If you are looking for a security camera system custom-built to your needs, then we suggest using one of our custom security system builders.

Weather Proof Cameras
Our outdoor security cameras have a weather rating of IP66. These cameras are unaffected by a range of weather conditions including rain, snow, sand, and temperature variances. When we say our cameras are IP66, we mean it. You can put them outside without any cover on a pole in the middle of nowhere, and they will withstand the brutality of mother nature, short of a hurricane or tornado.

H.264 Video Compression
H.264 compression is a form of video compression that allows the DVR to capture video from the camera and store it on the hard drive inside. The H.264 codec greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising video quality. Thanks to this video compression technology you can record great quality while maximizing hard drive space.

Multiplex Operation
Multiplex operation enables simultaneous user operations of the security camera DVR. You can view live video, playback recorded video on the DVR or remotely, back up video to a flash drive, without ever affecting the recording process on the DVR.

Multi User Login
Thanks to the strong processor in our DVR recorders, you can have up to 10 users login simultaneously in to the DVR and view/playback video without ever stopping the recording process.

Free iOS/Android Apps
Remote view your surveillance system on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  Every system comes with a free app that allows you to view your cameras anywhere in the world as long as you have internet.

Selectable Recording Modes
Based on your security needs, you can choose from multiple recording settings on the DVR that comes with our systems.  You can record continuously for 24 hours 7 days a week.  You can select to record on a set schedule for specific days and times or upon motion detection where the system will record when it detects movement in view of any of the cameras.

Motion Detection
The motion detection feature of CCTV Camera World systems allows for setting motion detection zones where you can select areas in view of each of your cameras in which you would like to detect motion. The motion detected within those areas can trigger recording of that one camera or any other camera in your system. This motion detection feature allows you to save hard drive recording space so you can record longer than the stated time above, and only record instances where something is actually happening in view, thus saving you a lot of time when you go back to view recorded video.

Motion activation also can be configured to send you motion alerts to your phone, email, or trigger the internal buzzer on the DVR.

Continuous Recording
For areas with high traffic or of high importance such as casinos, schools or retail stores, in which constant monitoring is required, the system can continually record 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  With the auto-overwrite feature, there will never be a lapse in recording when the hard drive space is full.  The video recording will automatically overwrite the oldest video first.

Schedule Recording
You can set your DVR to record on a day/time schedule based on your needs.  For instance, if you only want the cameras behind the cash register to record during business hours while the outdoor cameras can be scheduled to record when the business is closed.  The schedule can be set for all cameras or specific cameras.

Easy To Use
If you can hook up your DVD player to your television, then you can install your own security camera system. To simplify the process, we have several YouTube videos that will teach you by example how to connect all the wires together and operate the friendly point & click interface of our security DVR recorders. The DVR is easy to operate thanks to the intuitive user interface and the included mouse, and hand-held remote control.

Easy Backup
Video and images can be easily backed up using the DVR's intuitive timeline by selecting a time frame to export to a USB flash drive.  You can also remotely backup video to your computer over the internet using the included free software. 

Cables Included
For ease of use, all of our systems come with plug and play cables that carry both video and power from the DVR to the camera.  There is no need to have a separate electrical socket located at each camera (unless where indicated).  We also have bulk cable available so that you can cut specific cable lengths to your needs.  You can purchase Siamese CCTV cable with connectors from the drop down menu above.    

Free Pre-configuration Service
Upon request, we can configure the DVR IP address according to your network settings.  Just let us know what IP address, gateway and subnet you would like your system to be configured.  By default, all DVRs ship out with auto-overwrite feature activated so that it will automatically recycle over the oldest video when it reaches capacity. 

No Contracts, No Monthly Fees
There are no monthly charges, no binding contracts and no overage fees.  Once you’ve installed your system, simply connect the DVR to your internet router or modem and you can view your cameras anywhere in the world at no additional charge. 

Warranty and Tech Support
If you are not satisfied with your system, you can exchange it or receive a credit within 30 days of purchase.  Your system also comes with technical support for the lifetime of the product.

Suggested Reading

Why buy a surveillance system from CCTV Camera World?

CCTV Camera World's surveillance camera systems are professional quality products with image sensors that are superior to those found in inexpensive cameras found online at bargain marketplaces or our competitors. We test every single camera and recorder we sell before listing it in our online catalog. If it doesn't meet our standards, we don't sell it. We pride ourselves in selling quality products that we use in our own business. To see for yourself, we recommend reading this comparison of our 4K security cameras versus that of lower cost 4K cameras from a popular online marketplace.

Which surveillance system is right for you?

We believe in educating our customers with the knowledge they need to select a camera that will work best for them. We encourage all of our prospective customers to read our How to choose a security camera guide. It contains pertinent information in a concise and easy to read manner to learn all about security cameras.

Can these systems be viewed remotely?

Internet is required at the location of the system if you would like to watch your cameras remotely. We provide free iOS and Android apps for smartphones, and free central monitoring software for the PC and Mac to view our cameras and systems remotely. You can find demo videos here.

Small Business Security Tips

Security systems are one of the best ways to monitor businesses. Visible cameras can deter theft and break-ins and also decrease employee theft. They should be placed in strategic locations: near entrances and exits, above cash registers, and near valuable assets. Cameras around the workplace can increase productivity and ensure employee safety while working and walking through the parking lot at night. Systems can also include smoke and fire alarms and automatically contact emergency services. Most insurance companies will give you a discount if you have a modern security system.It’s also essential to monitor the security footage regularly to ensure that the system is functioning well, and to catch a bad component before an incident occurs. Monitoring footage regularly can also help catch suspicious activity and smaller issues before they become more significant problems.You can save a lot of time by recording on motion or by using Smart Cameras with AI technology that record only when a human body or vehicle is detected. Be sure to check the description of the product you purchase.
Security Camera System
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