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IP Camera Systems

How IP Camera Systems Work
How IP Camera Systems Work

IP Camera Systems

PoE camera system with NVR and IP cameras

Looking for an easy to use IP security camera system that's really plug and play? CCTV Camera World’s HD IP camera systems are simple to setup and use the latest H.265 and H.264 video compression to provide crystal clear security footage. It is easy to set up an IP camera system for your home or business with our Network Video Recorder (NVR) and PoE IP cameras. Using a single network cable, connect the IP security cameras to the integrated Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports on the back of the NVR, and the camera will transmit video data and receive power. That’s all it takes to setup a PoE camera system using digital technology that can provide resolutions up to 4K or 12MP. All IP security systems feature standalone recorders that do not require a computer to operate. You can even add advanced network cameras like our IP cameras with audio, motorized zoom security cameras, or PTZ cameras. Remote viewing is also easy thanks to our free mobile apps for iOS/Android and PC & Mac software. Watch our intro video to learn more about how an IP cameras system works.

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How to choose the right IP Camera System?

IP Camera Resolution Comparison

Choosing Camera Resolution

CCTV Camera World offers network camera systems in resolutions ranging from 1080P to UltraHD 4K. The above image compares the relative picture size captured by various camera resolutions. You can see that as the camera resolution increases in megapixels, the picture clarity increases. When choosing which IP camera resolution is right for you, it is important to ask yourself how far would you like to see facial detail on recorded video? After extensive testing, we have developed a simple table explaining the extent of possible facial capture among different camera resolutions:

Max Facial Distance Capture In Daylight

ResolutionMax Distance
D1 / 960H10ft
8MP 4K55ft

Choosing Hard Drive Storage

Hard drive storage requirements for security video recording depend on several key factors:

  • Resolution of cameras
  • Number of cameras in your HD IP Camera System
  • Number of days you would like to record before video is automatically overwritten
  • Whether cameras are recorded 24/7 or only on motion detection

To help you choose the correct amount of storage for recording, please use our Security Camera Video Storage Calculator. Using this video storage calculator you can add multiple cameras of different resolutions and determine the total hard drive space required for your system.

Camera Installation Tips

Camera Installation Videos

When purchasing a IP camera system it is also important to know how you would install cameras on a wall or ceiling. Please watch the videos below that provide a brief overview of best practices to consider before starting a system installation.

How to install cameras on the wall?

How to install dome cameras on the ceiling?

IP Camera System
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