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Wireless Security Cameras by CCTV Camera World

Unable to run video cables? Consider wireless cameras

Experience a new level of convenience and versatility with Wireless Security Cameras by CCTV Camera World. These cameras not only eliminate the hassles of wiring but also offer the flexibility to be installed virtually anywhere within the range of a robust WiFi network and power outlet. Powered by a 12V DC adapter, they can effortlessly connect to 2.4GHz b/g/n WiFi networks.

We pride ourselves on providing the most dependable and user-friendly professional WiFi surveillance solutions. Our diverse product range includes bullet, dome, PTZ, and unique indoor two-way audio cameras, all featuring a microSD slot for standalone recording – don’t forget to add a microSD card to your shopping cart.

Use our cameras as standalone web cameras, viewable over local networks or the Internet with our complimentary smartphone app or PC software. For a complete wireless camera system, pair them with our Wireless NVR equipped with a built-in WiFi radio that supports up to 6 wireless cameras within 200ft unobstructed range. Feel free to select with one of the wireless security camera kits for a complete plug and play system.

Want more flexibility? You can seamlessly integrate our cameras with your existing WiFi or even merge them with a wired NVR using wired security cameras for a hybrid security system. And, each camera boasts a built-in webserver, making them accessible via a web browser on your PC.

Choose our professional WiFi security cameras for an uncompromised, versatile, and high-quality surveillance experience.

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Best wireless security cameras

Best Wireless Cameras

While our primary focus is on wired security cameras, we take no shortcuts when it comes to providing the best wireless cameras. We rigorously evaluate our wireless products for range, dependability, and video quality. We sell cameras with image sensors that outperform consumer WiFi cameras sold in big-box retail stores. Our cameras do not use cheap rechargeable or solar batteries.

Remote Viewing from smartphone

Remote Viewing

It is simple to remotely view our WiFi security cameras using the free remote viewing app for iPhone and Android. The app is also available for Android and iPad tablet devices. To connect, simply pair the camera to your WiFi network, enable the P2P setting, and scan the QR code into the app. Camera monitoring software is also available for Windows PCs and Macs. If you're a techie, with some port forwarding configuration, our cameras also offer web access via Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

No Monthly Fees

No Monthly Fees

When you buy a WiFi camera from CCTV Camera World, you own it. We will never charge you for using our products. You don't have to pay a monthly subscription to view recordings with our cameras. You can choose to record to an internal microSD card, or pair the camera with a NVR to form a complete wireless security camera system.

Night Vision Camera

Stand Alone or Integrated, Your Choice

You don't have internet access where you want the camera to go? No worries. Our wireless cameras can operate independently without the internet. You can deploy a wireless router without internet to set up a local WiFi network to host our cameras and access them as desired. The cameras can be purchased with microSD cards for onboard storage, eliminating the need for cloud storage or a dedicated recorder. If you require more than a week of recording, we recommend purchasing a network video recorder with the camera.

Reliable Products

Reliable WiFi Security

You can be confident that our specialists understand what it takes to provide a dependable WiFi camera because we have a staff dedicated to testing our products in real-world conditions. We tested cameras from our competitors and discovered that access times were long, video playback was slow and pixelated, and motion detection was unreliable. Purchase a top-of-the-line professional wireless surveillance camera from CCTV Camera World to get the professional and effective security you deserve, along with reliable motion event notifications.

12V DC Power Adapter

Convenient Low Voltage

While solar electricity and batteries may seem appealing, they are unreliable and require maintenance. What happens if you have a few cloudy days or forget to replenish the batteries in your camera? To us, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Our cameras are powered by small dedicated 12VDC low voltage power adapters that are about the size of a cell phone charger. Using a power adapter ensures that the camera is always powered on without worrying about batteries or solar equipment.

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