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How many motion alerts have you gotten today? Has it been 10? 20? 50? Maybe you’ve started to lose count. Maybe you’re tired. Too tired of checking your phone because its most likely just another person walking by your place of business or your neighbor walking the dogs. Maybe this one is important? Or maybe it's just a bug flying against your camera. At one point you thought  about turning off motion detection but you worry about missing a possible break-in. How often has this happened to you? Video based motion detection just seems to have too many false positive alerts leaving you anxious and worried that it works at all! What’s the point of motion alerts if you are constantly getting alerts that are of no use?

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How motion detection works in a Security Camera

Motion detection captured by security camera systems is very different from the kind offered by motion sensors in an alarm system. Inside a camera is an image sensor. When light hits the image sensor each individual pixel communicates to the sensor how much light that pixel is receiving. When pixels receive different amounts of light, the image sensor compares subsequent images from the video feed. If enough pixels have changed, the camera's software interprets it as movement and issues an alert. This depends on the motion sensitivity you’ve set when configuring motion detection on your surveillance cameras. Even set at the lowest sensitivity, video based motion detection will trigger false positives at sunrise, sunset, or when light from a passing vehicle shines into the camera.

What makes our security cameras different?

At CCTV Camera World we aspire to provide the most up to date, professional security camera equipment for your home or business while keeping cost affordable.  We now offer Smart Security Cameras with video analytics, which is an AI (Artifical Intelligence) feature to detect and monitor a region of interest with higher precision than video based motion detection offered in home security cameras by most online vendors. Use Smart Detection functions like Tripwire, Intrusion, and Heat Mapping to introduce greater precision and confidence for event detection.

Security camera with AI can improve your life

The incorporation of AI into CCTV Camera World's security cameras gives you the opportunity to learn more about your surroundings. Each different AI function enables your security camera system to detect different types of actions rather than just pixel changes. You can even set a push alert notification to be sent to your phone when a smart detection rule is triggered. Now, you won’t be burdened with tens of hundreds of false positives alerts and only the ones that matter.

That means you won’t have to deal with numerous pesky false alerts. Not only is the AI in our cameras a big time saver, it reduces the chances of you having a panic attack while on vacation when you keep getting motion alerts from leaves moving in the view of a camera.

With the video analytics technology in our video surveillance cameras, the job of securing your home or business becomes much simpler. The great news is AI technology will only get better with time.

How to use a Smart Security Camera

Want to learn more about the various detection functions available in our security cameras? We've created video guides featuring examples and explanations of how to setup each type of video analytics rule. Check out the guides below.

  • Tripwire - you can set a virtual Tripwire to detect intruders when a line is crossed. All you have to do is draw a virtual line in the camera settings. This is a great way to record an important entry/exit point.
  • Missing Object Detection - Do you have a problem with package theft from your doorstep? Draw a box around the area where packages are left unattended and be notified when they go missing.
  • Abandoned Object Detection - Nervous about things staying out too long? Want to make sure all packages for the day are picked up from the loading dock? Be alerted after objects are left in the area of interest longer than a set amount of time.
  • Intrusion - Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Need to know if someone is entering or leaving through a secure doorway? Draw any shape around a door and you’ll be notified when anyone passes through it.
  • Heat Mapping - Need to know which areas in your security camera's view are hot-spots for motion? Use Heat Mapping to find that out.
  • People Counting - 1, 2, 3. It’s as easy as counting sheep. Need to know how much foot traffic an entrance gets? Set up people counting to see how many people are entering and leaving a business, congregation, or apartment.
  • Face detection - Smile for the camera. With Face Detection, take a Snapshot and receive alerts when the camera sees a face.
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