HDCVI Cameras

HDCVI cameras are the latest high definition cameras in the CCTV industry that support resolutions up to 4K. The most important reason you should consider HDCVI cameras as part of your system is that they work over existing RG59 coax cable. If you already have good quality coax cable, i.e. the kind that you get in a spool or roll of cable, then you can save yourself a lot headaches and expenses when upgrading your security camera system. We prefer HDCVI technology over HS-SDI or any other type of camera technology that allows for HD video over coax because it has proven to be reliable and free of signal transmission issues.

In addition, HDCVI cameras are easy to install just like our other HD security cameras because no prior computer networking knowledge is required. Depending on the camera specifications, video, audio, and PTZ camera controls can be sent over the same wire. We suggest using solid copper coax cable to obtain the best signal quality, especially for wire lengths longer than 100ft.

HDCVI has proven to be reliable and free of the hassles commonly encountered with network cameras and HD-SDI cameras. In the last decade, HDCVI cameras gained a significant market share of the security camera market because they are low in cost while being very reliable, and are available in several different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of any security camera project.

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