24V AC to 12V DC Voltage Converter

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  • Voltage down converter
  • 24V AC to 12V DC

24V AC to 12V DC voltage converter used to connect security cameras that require 12V DC current to a 24V AC power supply. This is a must have to prevent your 12V DC cameras from getting fried by over voltage. Most CCTV cameras on the market are 12V, and if you've ever hired a installation company to install cameras for you chances are that they installed a 24V power box just to make sure that you don't try to bypass them and upgrade/change your system yourself. For the novice user it is a common mistake to ignore the power supply voltage, and accidentally fry 12V cameras purchased online.

This converter outputs up to 1.5 amps of 12V current as long as it receives 0.75 amps of 24V AC current on its input side. This converter is sufficient enough to power even our 300ft infrared cameras.


  • 24V AC to 12V DC Voltage Converter
  • Supports max output of 12V DC 1.5 Amp
  • Input Voltage: AC 24V 0.75 Amps
  • Output Voltage: DC 12V 1.5 Amp Max
  • Screw terminal end for connecting bare wire coming from 24V AC power source
  • Built-in Male DC plug to connect to a security camera
  • Also compatible with DC male plugs and DC female jacks

Suggested for use with the following 24V AC power supplies:

What's included?

  • (1) Voltage down converter 24V AC to 12V DC
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