Junction Box for select Bullet Cameras, AvaEye

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  • Junction Box
  • For select AvaEye Bullet cameras
  • White Color
  • Weather Resistant

Introducing the Weather Resistant Junction Box tailored exclusively for certain AvaEye Bullet Cameras.

Ultimate Protection for Your Bullet Cameras: Every professional CCTV installation needs that added layer of protection, and our junction box is designed to offer just that. With its sturdy, weatherproof, metal construction, it not only keeps camera connections safe from unpredictable weather conditions but also acts as a shield against potential vandalism.

Key Features:

  1. Designed for AvaEye IP Bullet Cameras: This junction box is precision-engineered for an impeccable fit with select AvaEye PoE Bullet Camera models. Always ensure you check your camera's specifications for compatibility.

  2. Shield Against External Elements: Surveillance is vital, and our junction box ensures that the efficacy of your cameras remains unhindered. By encasing and hiding the camera connections, it delivers an added defense layer against both environmental challenges and malicious tampering.

  3. Indoor & Outdoor Installation: Its weatherproof metal construction makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor CCTV installations. So whether you're setting up an indoor surveillance unit or an external security perimeter, this junction box has got you covered.

  4. Perfect for External Mountings: If you're looking to install your Bullet cameras outside, this junction box is indispensable. It not only offers protection but also provides a neat and tidy appearance by concealing all connections.

  5. Compatibility with Conduit Installations: In scenarios where routing cables and connections directly through a wall isn't feasible, this junction box seamlessly integrates with conduits, making your installation process smooth and hassle-free.

For a secure, neat, and professional CCTV setup, the Weather Resistant Junction Box for AvaEye PoE Bullet Cameras is a must-have accessory.

What's included?

  • (1) Weather Resistant Junction Box for select AvaEye Bullet Cameras


Application Ceiling, Wall or Pole Mounting of Bullet Cameras
Dimensions 10.4cm x 5.5cm (Diameter x Height)
Color White
Weight 0.80lb
Pipe Thread G 3/4"
Material Aluminum
More Information
Warranty1 Year
Return Policy30 Days Return Policy
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