1000ft Solid Copper RG59 CCTV Siamese Video Power Cable Roll, Black

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  • Solid Copper Wire
  • Weather Proof
  • 1000ft CCTV Cable
  • RG59U + 2 Lead 18awg Power wire
  • Black Color
  • Use for runs longer than 300ft

1000ft roll of high quality Siamese RG59U Cable with Power for CCTV applications. This is solid copper wire down to the core and is 20 AWG wire for the video conductor. Less expensive Copper Clad Aluminum RG59 cable is a thinner 22AWG cable and does not have solid copper conductor for video. You get what you pay for when it comes to wiring.

Cheaper RG59 wire is available as either copper clad aluminum (CCA) or copper clad silver (CCS), meaning it is only copper plated, with aluminum or silver in the center. To obtain reliable good quality video for wire runs greater than 300ft you cannot use the cheaper wire.

You also cannot use cheap premade wire with HD security cameras like HD-CVI, TVI, or AHD, or you will get ghosting especially over runs over 150ft. We tested it and proved it. Watch the video below! If you really need premade cabling with tips already on it, we suggest the following HD video capable premade cabling:

Invest your money wisely and buy the right cable the first time. This CCTV Siamese Wire carries both video and power making it easy to install cameras without the need for power outlets near the cameras. This outdoor siamese wire not only has a solid copper core for video, it is also shielded 95% copper braid.


  • Black Color Wire
  • Outdoor Weather Proof Wire
  • Not for Direct Burial Use without a conduit
  • 20AWG Solid Copper Conductor
  • 18AWG 2 Lead Power Wire CCA
  • 95% Copper Braid
  • Dielectric: 3.66mm Foam PE
  • Jacket: 6.05+/-0.2mm PVC
  • ETL Listed
  • Comes in a wooden roll

What’s included?

  • (1) 1000ft Roll Siamese Full Solid Copper Cable RG59U with 2 lead power

Be sure to purchase BNC connectors and DC power terminals.

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