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HD Security Cameras

HD Security Cameras differ from traditional analog CCTV cameras in their ability to capture video at resolutions higher that D1 (720x480 pixels) or 960H (960x480 pixels). HD cameras have image sensor resolutions ranging from 1.3 Megapixels to 4K Ultra HD, or even higher as CMOS sensor technology improves. We carry 2 varieties of HD surveillance cameras, i.e. HDCVI cameras and IP cameras. To learn more about the difference and which one is right for you, please read Choosing the Best Security Camera for your security system.

HDCVI Cameras

are available in resolutions of 1.3MP or 2MP, and provide 720P or 1080P video respectively, that can be recorded on a HD-CVI DVR or our Tribrid DVRs. HD-CVI cameras are able to transmit high definition video over RG59U coax wire which makes them an ideal choice for upgrading from an existing analog cctv system without having to change existing cabling. Where available, HDCVI cameras are also capable of transmitting audio and PTZ data signals over the same coax wire that carries video. If you don't have existing cable, use our Spools of Siamese CCTV cable.

Best Selling HDCVI Security Cameras

IP Cameras

are network based HD cameras that are readily available in resolutions ranging from 1.3MP to 4K, with even higher resolutions available for specialized applications. IP cameras with PoE (Power over Ethernet) use CAT5E or CAT6 network cable to carry video and power, and in some cases audio and PTZ data control signals as well. For customers looking to install a new HD security camera system we recommend the use of IP cameras, combined with our standalone NVR recorders. You can choose from following camera resolutions to narrow your search:

Best Selling IP Cameras

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Choosing the Best Security Camera for your security system

Choosing the right security camera for your business security system can be a difficult task. A manufacturing facility would need a different camera system than an office or an apartment building. Home security systems can be just as difficult when trying to put together a quality system that will meet the homeowner's expectations of visual clarity. You might find yourself asking, “How do I choose the right security camera system?” There are several factors to consider as far as features or size of the system, as well as cost, functionality, resolution, and type of cabling.

Camera Resolution

Compared to analog, both HDCVI and IP Camera technologies are leaps and bounds better in terms of video quality. While both are high quality, currently HDCVI cameras are limited to 1080P or 2 Megapixels, while IP-based security cameras can reach double the clarity of the best HDCVI if you purchase a 4K security camera. Although, you can overcome the 1080p resolution hurdle of HDCVI with the addition of optical zoom lenses on the cameras by using either cameras with manual varifocal lenses or motorized zoom lens cameras. If you are looking for manual zoom cameras, be sure to browse through the following:



Wiring and infrastructure could be another deciding factor. HDCVI security cameras use one Siamese RG59 Solid Copper Coax to send video/audio and PTZ commands, whereas analog security systems needed three separate lines to send all of those signals. Not to mention HDCVI cameras can send video/audio/data up to 1600ft using RG59 Solid Copper Coax, which is probably the cable you already have if you have an existing older security camera system. IP security cameras are limited to roughly 300 feet before the signal degrades to an unusable state, and a costly repeater would need to be applied. It is important to note that even if you have existing CAT5e/6 cabling, you can still use HDCVI cameras on such UTP cabling by using HD video baluns to transmit video up to 300ft. Here is a table that should serve as a guide when choosing between IP and HDCVI based on cabling considerations:

Scenario or Project RequirementRecommendation
Existing RG59U coax cabling with power in place, ex CCTV Siamese Cable Roll
HDCVI Security System
Looking for HD camera system on a budgetHDCVI Security System
Not interested in camera resolution higher that 1080P (2 Megapixels)HDCVI Camera System
Interested in 3 megapixel cameras, and higherIP Cameras
Need for HD cameras that operate over network cabling (CAT5e or CAT6)IP Cameras
HDCVI Cameras
Mix of wired and wireless HD camerasIP Cameras
Camera system with remote view capability on smartphone, tablet, and computerHDCVI System
IP Camera System
Ability to run video + data + audio over a single cableHDCVI Camera System
IP Camera System


One of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a home or business security system is cost. HDCVI systems are a great cost effective choice for someone starting out or upgrading from an analog security system, and are cheaper when you are looking for features such as:

  • Variable Zoom Lens
  • Motorized Zoom Lens
  • Night Vision more than 65 feet

While IP camera systems are more costly than HDCVI camera systems they provide a sort of “future proofing” of technology. For example, almost all of our NVR systems support up to 5MP IP cameras. There are some areas where the cost would be lower as well. PoE IP cameras (Power over Ethernet) allow the user to take advantage of low cost CAT5e or CAT6 network cable for their indoor infrastructure. Also when setting up a large number of network cameras NVR recorders have a greater advantage for cost reduction. There are NVR’s that support up to 128 channels, while HDCVI DVR devices cap out at 32 channels! Therefore, if you have more than 32 cameras that need to connect you will need additional HDCVI DVR recorders.

Other Factors

IP cameras have some additional factors to consider as well. Integrating an IP security system into a network makes it easy for a large scale installation if you use existing network infrastructure. These systems also allow for high resolution video to be transferred wirelessly over WiFi. You can check out our wireless IP camera guide for more information.

We know that no one neatly packaged system will meet every need of every customer. Each individual or business has their own specific needs. Deciding what those needs are and defining a resolution can be frustrating.For more information, be sure to read our article HDCVI Cameras vs IP Cameras. Whether you choose IP or HDCVI, we are here to assist you with those needs. Feel free to give our tech support a call, and also browse through our Security Camera System Configurators:


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