Siamese Cable

Siamese Cable

For use with security cameras we prefer the use of Siamese CCTV Cable which carries both video and power signals, making camera cabling and installation as simple as possible. Siamese cable uses BNC connectors for video and DC terminal connectors for power. Siamese cabling is available in several varieties, to make it simple we categorize them in to two types:

  • Premade Siamese Cable - plug and play cable for use with security cameras and is suitable for use with analog security cameras. At CCTV Camera World we carry lengths of up to 150ft for premade security cable, and there are also varieties which carry audio, video, and power. While premade cables provide convenience they do have limitations. Premade cables cannot be used for voltage higher than 12V DC, so you cannot use 24V AC PTZ cameras with these wires. You cannot use cameras of resolution higher than 4 megapixel unless specifically stated in the wire description.
  • Coax Siamese Cable Spool - professional cable for CCTV use with analog security cameras up to 4K resolution. This cable is sometimes also called Bulk Cable and requires tipping the wire with BNC connectors and DC Power Terminal Connectors by the installer. Available in RG59U cable rolls of 500ft or 1000ft. RG59U Siamese Cable comes in two quality types: CCA or Solid Copper Conductor. For cable runs longer than 500ft we recommend the use of Solid Copper RG59U Siamese Cable to minimize signal loss and distortion.

The difference between any spool or premade cable is that the spool of wire has no connectors on it, making it easier for installations where you have to snake or fish the cable through walls. Of course you will also need to purchase two BNC connectors and two power pigtails for each camera that you have to tip the cable and connect it to your camera's video and power connector. With premade cables, they are already cut to specific lengths such as 50ft, 100ft or 150ft, and have connectors on them already. So you just have to run the wire from the camera to the DVR. For 4K Analog Security Cameras, however, you will always need to use wire from Coax Siamese Spools, preferably from solid copper siamese cable.

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