Live Stream Camera Grant for Animal Welfare

The Livestream Camera Grant for Animal Welfare aims to provide non-profit organizations including animal sanctuaries, and aquariums a way to further their outreach efforts in these uncertain times of COVID. At CCTV Camera World we support animal conservation because we would like to see a world where our children can grow up with biodiversity. We welcome organizations that are serious about animal conservation and advocate for continued support of a diverse ecosystem.

CCTV Camera World is proud to offer qualified non-profit organizations a security camera for live streaming to YouTube. A live stream of a species or exhibit will increase awareness of conservation efforts by your organization. Beyond offering the equipment for setting up one livestream camera, the recipient will receive technical advice for the setup procedure and embedding it into their website. Past examples of exhibits we have helped include: wolves, penguins, and aquariums.

What is being awarded?

The Security Camera Livestream Grant is for one 4K live stream camera kit. The kit includes:

*The camera is stationary and outdoor rated. It has a built-in web server that can be accessed over a web browser to configure live streaming directly to YouTube or other Live Stream Host.

**Cable should be enclosed in cable conduit to prevent short

There are no licensing costs for the camera or subscription fees. The grant recipient is responsible for having an account with YouTube, Vimeo, or other Live Stream Host.

How to Apply

Proceed to the bottom of the webpage to fill out the form. Make sure the application is filled out to the best of your knowledge and contains accurate information. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please do not call us.

We will reach out to you by email, so be sure to provide an email address that you check often.

The deadlines for application submission are based on calendar quarters, i.e. March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, December 31st. Grants will be awarded to 1-2 qualifying recipients for one camera within 30 days after the quarterly submission deadline.


Eligible Applicants include but are not limited to non-profits that are:

  • Accredited aquariums (City, State, or National)
  • Accredited Animal sanctuaries
  • Animal conservation organizations
  • Amphibian and reptile care organizations
  • Aviaries
  • Wildlife rehabilitation organization
  • Institutions of higher education, including public, private, state colleges and universities


We do not fund projects outside Canada, the U.S.A or their federally recognized territories.

  • We do not fund:
    • basic scientific research
    • private land acquisition
    • individual action or study
    • conferences
  • We do not consider proposals from organizations with annual budgets in excess of U.S. $3,000,000.
  • Falsified or misleading information will be scrutinized and result in your application to be disregarded.

For Grant Recipients

If your organization is awarded a grant from CCTV Camera World you will receive an email notification. The email will contain a “Letter of Agreement”, which must be signed and returned before any equipment is provided. This agreement states your obligations as a Grantee, and outlines our requirements for a continued relationship. If we do not receive a completed Letter of Agreement, your organization will no longer be considered. The requirements are outlined in detail in the letter.


In providing you with a Live Streaming Camera to enhance your growth and outreach, the program requires acknowledgment. This would entail an attribution from the primary domain of your organization. Upholding this nuanced gesture of partnership on your main website would affirm our sustained support in this live-streaming venture, guaranteeing our readiness to offer complimentary replacements if ever the initial camera falters. This harmonious digital exchange would serve as a testament to our mutual respect and cooperative spirit, ensuring the flourishing of both our endeavors.

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