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2.4GHz Wireless Outdoor Access Point for IP Cameras


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2.4GHz Wireless Radio for use with IP based receiving and transmitting video signals. This unit can be connected to a wired IP camera to make it wireless or can be mounted as an extension to an existing wired network to broadcast the network via WiFi to a wireless IP camera.

If you are experienced with networking, you can program the radio to work with your existing network. If you require network configuration assistance then our Hands on Networking Support can be purchased for each device you would like us to configure.

This wireless access point offers 25+ Mpbs real throughput and up to 1 mile range in clear line of sight when used with another identical MIMO wireless AP. It features 2x2 MIMO technology, this new wireless radio links significantly faster and farther than ever before. New antenna array designs featuring 11dBi at 2.4GHz. Secondary ethernet port with software enabled PoE output for seamless integration with a PoE IP Camera. Remote hardware reset circuitry allows for device to be reset remotely in case of a stall or hang-up, or you can utilize the built-in watchdog feature to reboot the radio in case of failure of network transmission.


  • 2.4GHz Wireless AP with MIMO technology
  • Converts wired IP camera to wireless IP
  • Compatible with wireless NVR
  • Up to 15km range with clear line of sight when used with identical unit as receiver
  • Compatible with 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n wireless devices
  • Great for use long range infrared wireless ip camera
  • Can be used as receiver on an existing wired network
  • Up to 2000ft working range with continuous video transmission
  • Support up to 2 wireless video signals at 2MP or higher resolution


  • (1) Wireless IP Based Radio
  • (1) Power Adapter



Return Policy30 Days Return Policy. Special order. No Returns Accepted.
Warranty1 Year


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Product Questions

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Total 10 question(s)

How many transmitters can 1 receiver handle? I'm setting up 3 buildings with IP cameras, each building will have 2 ip cameras (SKU: IP2080A ) (for now) and 1- 4 port POE (SKU: 4POEU) switch per building, all equipment will connected to a 32 Channel Tribrid DVR 1080P (SKU: DVRCVPF32HD)

Question by: Hector on: 2016-11-06

It depends how far you are transmitting, and the obstructions, which all are factors that determine throughput in the end. We suggest no more than 4 1080p ip cameras on each unit.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2016-11-08

1.If SKU: NB24 is being setup to broadcast a Wi-Fi connection, how many wireless camera can be setup to connect to the broadcast network from the SKU NB224 and can at the same time used another SKU NB224 to extend the network from a distance. ?
2.Is the SKU: NB24 water proof from rain if place out door ?
3.what the advantage of the Bullet Access Point from the SKU NB224?

Question by: ivan on: 2016-10-13

1) Depends on the throughput required by the cameras. We don't recommend using this device for more than 24mbps of continuous through put.

2) Yes this is a outdoor access point.

3) The bullet AP is for other uses. It does not come with an integrated antenna and involves additional costs.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2016-10-18

Question: We are wanting to quote this access point for a camera at a gate. Your instructions on how to are very good and easy to follow, however you do not talk about antenna mounting and height. We can mount the the AP on the building at 15-20ft the station is our question, we are 500ft away no obstructions clear line of site. How high does the station antenna need to be, or how close to the ground can we be. A very tall mast would not be desirable. Thanks

Question by: Mike Swanson on: 2016-12-06

You need to have clear line of sight and take in to account the vertical beam angle. You can be 8-10 ft off the ground and transmit 500ft away, as long as you tilt the access point correctly. Using the built-in signal meter in the APs can help with positioning as well.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2016-12-06

I have a few project coming up and in one of them 6 of my cameras will be at 900ft away or more.
My question is, If plug my HD IP camera to this access point can I pick up the ip camera with any NVR or Hibrid Recorder? just like I would do with the camera connected to the network.

Question by: angel on: 2017-04-13

Yes you would be creating a wireless bridge that allows a network connection between any two devices.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2017-04-14

I am so confused. Here’s the deal. I have a pregnant horse in a barn. My wifi is obviously in my house. I could attach the camera to a window I suppose to keep it out side and not in the metal building. Would rather have it in barn but worry about signal strength thru metal. The stall she is in would be about 100 feet from wifi router in house. And thru 3 walls. I don’t know how to do this. I could move router in kitchen.... making it closer and only one wall. Would be a pain though. I need to know how and what i need. I want to be able to look my phone from work and check on her. Help!!

Question by: Cheri howard on: 2017-07-02

You can use our wireless access point along with one of our wired ip cameras to make a high powered wireless camera and then have it connect to your home wifi. We can also configure it for you before hand so all you need to do is install the camera/radio without needing to configure yourself. Here is what you will need:

  1. 1080P IP Camera Bullet with Night Vision

  2. Wireless Radio Access Point(comes with its power adaptor)

  3. Networking help for configuring the above to work with your home wifi

  4. 12V 1amp DC power supply to power the camera

  5. Two Cat5e Network Cables depending on how far the camera and wireless radio will be from the Power Injector for the AP

You can learn more about how such a setup works by reading our How to make wired IP cameras in to Wireless IP Cameras article.


Answer by: Tech Support on: 2017-07-06

I'm looking at installing an "over-the-counter" complete IP system (wired) with one of the four cameras being approx 900' from the DVR. Are two (2) units required to convert the wired camera to wireless? I don't see a transmitter & receiver in the kit description.

Question by: Sean Towe on: 2017-07-05

To convert a IP camera that is wired in to wireless you will need two wireless AP to create a wireless signal as outlined in our Point to Point Wireless Link Guide. This product listing is for one wireless AP.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2017-07-06

Can the NB24 be hooked directly to a PoE switch to transmit multiple cameras in a remote location? On the other side, can the NB24 be hooked directly to the NVR1084K to complete the wireless communication or will a PoE+ injector be needed to power the NB24?

Example: I have 3 IP cameras in a remote building. Another building has the NVR and 2 other IP cameras. I need to connect the two buildings wirelessly.

Question by: Josh H on: 2017-12-13

A PoE NVR will not power the NB24. You can add the NB24 using its included passive PoE injector to the NVR by connecting the LAN side of the PoE injector to the PoE ports on the back of the NVR. The NVR will only send data in this method and not power.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2017-12-13

I have 12 IP (PTZ) cameras using CAT5 cables via a PoE network switch that need to be monitored in real time in 3 remote stations at different buildings at a distance of max 1km away. How will I create a wireless network using the AP. How many transmitters will I need. What obstructions will interfere with the AP.

Question by: Cindy on: 2018-04-09

You can find all this information in our wireless security camera guide.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2018-04-13

Can the access point that connects to the router be inside the house or does it need to be installed outside as well. The signal distance from point to point is 75 feet and with a clear view?

Question by: Kevin on: 2018-06-18

If you are transmitting through a window, then it would be fine.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2018-06-25

Can I use a 12 volt car battery to remotely power this and an IP camera? Seems like 12volt 1 amp are the corded power supply specs.

Question by: Paul Havis on: 2020-06-05

This item requires 110V AC provided to it.

Answer by: Tech Support on: 2020-06-08