High definition CMOS camera image sensors are quickly replacing older analog resolution CCD sensors. For customers with older analog DVRs and cameras, upgrading to a HD security DVR is price prohibitive in many cases. If you are looking to replace an older analog security camera there are still some choices available while supplies last. You can find what remains of analog only security cameras here. If you are looking to replace a camera on your older analog system, then we suggest you consider our new 4-in-1 security cameras that have a 2MP CMOS image sensor and can output in Analog (aka CVBS), HDCVI, TVI, and AHD formats. In this post we show you a quick image comparison of the image quality between these new cameras of ours and older 1000TVL analog security cameras.

4-in-1 Camera Choices

As of 2019, there are plenty of different types of security cameras to choose from if you are shopping for a 4in1 security camera, which can all be found here in our 4in1 security camera page. We have a range of night vision security cameras, dome cameras, and even PTZ cameras that are 4in1. Just make sure you look for the 4in1 camera logo in the product's picture on the top left corner.

Video Comparison

Here is a still capture of the video quality you can expect when compared to a 1000TVL sensor analog security camera. The 4-in-1 camera is outputting video at the analog (CVBS) setting. This is the actual difference you would expect at analog resolution between the two cameras. The picture speaks for itself!

4-in-1 1080P Security Camera Comparison to Analog 1000TVL

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