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Security Camera Reviews

  • How to replace Lorex Security Cameras and Systems

    Businesses that push their products through advertising and marketplaces like Amazon are only interested in selling as much as possible. One of those businesses in the security camera industry is Lorex. When companies like Lorex put a focus on sales rather than providing great technical and customer service the results are predictable: unsatisfied customers. Those unsatisfied customers are not afraid to voice their experiences about Lorex.

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  • How to set up a Zoo Cam Live Stream for Free

    Using security cameras for purposes other than surveillance is not unheard of and is becoming more popular. Over time more zoos, animal sanctuaries, and even individuals are looking to set up a Livestream over the internet. Live streaming animals and birds can help spread information on conservation efforts, assist caregivers, educate and entertain children, and offer a way to view animals online from around the world. Previously, the process of live streaming zoo cams, animal cams, and bird cams was difficult, involving the use of a dedicated PC. Fortunately there are cameras that come with built-in streaming features to push video to popular live stream platforms such as YouTube Live. In this post we review the equipment that is needed to setup a YouTube Live Stream using one of our IP cameras that features built-in live streaming functionality.

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  • How Are You Protecting Your Business during COVID-19?

    As COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus disease, continues to work its way through the United States and the rest of the world, business owners everywhere have become faced with some tough situations. Many have temporarily reduced their staffs to decrease the risk of person-to-person contact, while other businesses have shut their doors entirely.

    Of course, the most dire problem in the country right now is the health crisis, but another issue is actually following right behind that: the need to secure stores and other places of business that their owners have been forced to abandon. These locations now sit empty, their merchandise inside, unguarded by employees as they normally would be every day. Continue reading

  • How Do You Protect Your Home or Property?

    Did you know that a burglary happens almost every 15 seconds in the U.S. alone? The police manage to solve only about 14 percent of them because, in most cases, there's no sufficient evidence to help the authorities find the thieves.

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  • Security Cameras Must Show Accurate Time for Use in Court

    When using a security camera system to catch criminals it is important to make sure that the correct time is set up. If the time settings are not correct, any recorded footage will have a timestamp that is incorrect and may be inadmissible in a court of law. By following this guide you will be able to ensure your surveillance system keeps the correct time.

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  • How a Security Camera Can Protect Your Property

    Everyone might experience that feeling upon leaving the house in the morning, the vague feeling that, even though everything is locked, your property is not really secure when you’re gone. While it is true that you cannot and should not live in constant fear of someone trespassing on your property, it is also a fact that we leave our homes unattended all the time, sometimes for long periods. We have no idea what is happening there when we are gone, and it can get to worry us.
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  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Security Cameras

    When installing a security camera system it is important to protect that investment. Security cameras are sensitive electronics packed inside plastic or metal housings. The construction materials offer some protection. Outdoor security cameras are subject to the elements like wind, rain, and lightning. It’s important to avoid cutting corners when installing the cameras in your security system so you can get the most of our your purchase and prolong the longevity of the cameras. Following the guide below will give you some helpful hints to avoid the hassle of broken cameras.
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  • Why Not To Buy Cheap Security Cameras

    If you are shopping for security cameras for your home or business you may wonder why there are large price differences between camera models that seem to have the same specifications but are sold by different companies. Truth be told, prices often reflect the quality of the product you are buying. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” It is important for savvy shoppers to know why it’s not recommended to cut corners when shopping for a security camera system. Is saving a couple of hundred dollars worth the thousands that you can save by investing in quality surveillance cameras?

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  • 2K vs 4K Security Cameras and Systems

    When searching for security cameras to buy you may be confused by all of the jargon or details involved with camera resolution. There are three important resolutions to consider when looking for surveillance cameras:

    • 1080P Full HD
    • 2K 4MP QHD
    • 4K 8MP UltraHD

    In the past 1080P cameras were the most popular security camera in the industry. With the advent of new technology, higher resolution cameras like 2K and 4K are becoming more affordable.

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  • Security Cameras with AI provide peace of mind

    Security Cameras with motion detection are outdated

    How many motion alerts have you gotten today? Has it been 10? 20? 50? Maybe you’ve started to lose count. Maybe you’re tired. Too tired of checking your phone because its most likely just another person walking by your place of business or your neighbor walking the dogs. Maybe this one is important? Or maybe it's just a bug flying against your camera. At one point you thought about turning off motion detection but you worry about missing a possible break-in. How often has this happened to you? Video based motion detection just seems to have too many false positive alerts leaving you anxious and worried that it works at all! What’s the point of motion alerts if you are constantly getting alerts that are of no use?

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  • How to Setup Alarm Activated Snapshots on your Security Camera

    Security cameras are not strictly for standard video surveillance. A customer had a request for his employees to capture a number on a gift card he was shipping to his customers. Doing so would allow him to capture the gift card number that was shipped and go back to it if the card was lost or damaged in the mail. This guide discusses the best method to capture footage for such an application.

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  • 4-in-1 Security Camera Review

    High definition CMOS camera image sensors are quickly replacing older analog resolution CCD sensors. For customers with older analog DVRs and cameras, upgrading to a HD security DVR is price prohibitive in many cases. If you are looking to replace an older analog security camera there are still some choices available while supplies last. You can find what remains of analog only security cameras here. If you are looking to replace a camera on your older analog system, then we suggest you consider our new 4-in-1 security cameras that have a 2MP CMOS image sensor and can output in Analog (aka CVBS), HDCVI, TVI, and AHD formats. In this post we show you a quick image comparison of the image quality between these new cameras of ours and older 1000TVL analog security cameras. Continue reading

  • How to make your own Inspection Camera

    Here at CCTV Camera World, we customize our products to fit our customer's needs. A ton of time goes into developing new innovative ways to use our products. Today we discovered a new way to use our cameras, and we're going to share it with you. I'm telling you, the possibilities are endless. Continue reading

  • BLC vs HLC vs WDR

    There are many different features that go into security cameras that the average consumer is simply not knowledgeable about. Manufacturers take advantage of this fact and mislabel products they offer, promising features and quality that their cameras can simply not provide. The aim of this article is to educate users about these different features and enable them to make smart, informed purchases when they are looking for security cameras.

    Features like Backlight Compensation (BLC), Highlight Compensation (HLC), Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Continue reading

  • HD-CVI vs. HD-TVI - A Comparison of HD Over Coax

    We’ve already taken a look at High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) in previous articles and we may not have mentioned it, but we also took a pretty long and hard look at High Definition Transport Video Interface (HDTVI) as well. In addition to comparing these two "HD over coax" technologies side by side, we’ll also hopefully be clearing up some of the conflicting, or contradicting, information found on the subject. Continue reading

  • Insecam - Change Your Usernames & Passwords

    We've been pleading people for as long as we've been around to commit to changing their usernames and passwords and not to use the default accounts. Why? TechCrunch, among many others now, has recently published an article that demonstrates exactly why. Continue reading

  • HDCVI Cameras vs. IP Cameras

    Where more traditional standard definition (SD) analog CCTV cameras wouldn't do the job, people needed to start looking to high definition (HD) security cameras. With HDSDI being a flop for the industry, IP cameras have been almost unopposed in the HD market since it began. HDCVI cameras are becoming much more commonly known about and sought after these days. With this new and now proven technology growing in popularity, it's caught people who only used to consider IP cameras potentially looking in another direction. Rather than a versus, think of this more as a comparison. Continue reading

  • CCTV Camera Systems for Businesses

    Frame Rate

    Most have become accustomed to what’s referred to as real time recording; this implies recording at a rate of thirty frames per second. The end result is fluid recorded video that looks identical to what you’d see during live viewing. Granted, this is a nice added bonus to have, but how realistic is it for businesses? The average homeowner has around eight to twelve cameras making recording at this rate pretty easy to obtain. Businesses don’t have such an easy time as their average ranges from twenty four to thirty two cameras. Continue reading

  • Tribrid Security DVR - What is it?

    “Tribrid” digital video recorders (DVR), as they've come to be known, aren't exactly a new thing. Previous to the release of Tribrid DVRs, there were Hybrid DVRs. If you recall from previous articles, Hybrid’s are capable of streaming and recording both standard analog and IP/network cameras. The Tribrid simply introduces the ability to now have HDCVI cameras in addition to those analog and IP cameras.

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  • HD-SDI Cameras - Why not to buy HDSDI prodcuts!

    We saw High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HDSDI) hit the market in 2012. With it finally came the possibility of high definition (HD) over coax. The only option in the past had been IP/network cameras via network cable. While IP camera systems are a fantastic direction to go in, they require a whole new knowledge base from traditional analog CCTV systems. This new HDSDI system type was the saving grace for professional and amateur installers alike who didn't want to invest boat loads of time into learning all about the networking it takes to get IP setups up and running. So, why are we suddenly seeing it all on sale from virtually every distributor and retailer we come across? Continue reading

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