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PTZ Camera Help

  • How to Change the ID on a PTZ Camera

    To receive commands over a coax cable or RS485 wire HD PTZ cameras have IDs that tell a DVR or controller where to send the commands. If two PTZ cameras are set to the same ID then they will receive the same commands. This causes both cameras to move in the same direction at the same time. Most people want to control their PTZ cameras individually, and in order to do that each PTZ needs a unique ID.

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  • How to Set Presets and Tour on PTZ Cameras

    A great feature that’s often overlooked on PTZ or pan tilt zoom cameras is the ability to set presets and tours. By setting presets and tours you can avoid having to actively watch and control cameras to monitor your property. A PTZ camera that’s scanning your home or business can be the best way to capture multiple areas without purchasing multiple security cameras.

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  • How To Connect PTZ Cameras to a DVR

    PTZ cameras with RS485 connections can be challenging to setup for the novice user. This video based guide will simplify the setup process when connecting a PTZ camera to our security camera recorders, either that be a DVR or NVR. All analog PTZ cameras and some IP PTZ cameras have a RS485 connection that sends serial data control from the DVR recorder or PTZ joystick controller to the camera. Not only is it important to setup key configuration parameters for the RS485 commands to work, the hardware physical connection setup is very important. If the cameras are connected improperly, then they will not be able to receive commands from the DVR.
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  • Adding a Microphone to a PTZ Camera

    Outdoor PTZ Cameras do not come with a built-in microphone for weather proofing reasons. In order to record audio along with your security camera's video you have to use an add-on security camera mic of some sort. CCTV Camera World has microphones for both indoor and outdoor applications. Having an external microphone provides more flexibility when recording audio as you can run the microphone to a different spot from where the camera is installed. Setting up the wired connections between an external microphone and one of our PTZ cameras is simple as explained in this guide. Continue reading

  • How to Connect a Network PTZ Controller to a DVR or NVR

    CCTV Camera World has simplified the configuration and setup for controlling HDCVI and IP PTZ cameras. Using a network PTZ joystick controller, you can control PTZ cameras by simply connecting the controller to a security video recorder with a single network cable. This provides hands-on control over your PTZ camera with a setup that takes only minutes to complete.
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  • How To Set A PTZ Pattern Using Your NVR or DVR

    PTZ cameras are an important tool in a security camera system that allows for easy surveillance using manual commands from a PTZ keyboard controller, security video recorder, or our computer based monitoring software. To automate surveillance, most of our Pan Tilt Zoom cameras allow the user to set memorized positions of interest that account for position in the XYZ axis and zoom level; these memorized positions are called Presets. You can call these Presets using a command corresponding to the number of the Preset. If you have multiple Presets, you can call them in sequence by creating a Pattern and let the PTZ run on that pattern indefinitely.
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  • How to Connect a HDCVI PTZ Camera to your DVR

    In order to install a PTZ camera and have its features work generally you will need to connect two additional leads for RS485 Serial Data. RS485 will control the Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions on your PTZ. With HDCVI there is an alternative, you can send video and PTZ controls over the same line with this technology. Today we'll be showing you how to connect the HDCVI PTZ camera to a DVR. Continue reading

  • How to Connect an Analog PTZ Camera Using Video Power Data Baluns and Ethernet Cable

    Installing an analog Pan Tilt Zoom Camera (PTZ Camera) has a little more complexity to it than a regular camera alone. There are 2 RS485 leads that also need to be wired to the DVR or PTZ Controller. Using Video/Power/Data Cable can be costly. However there is an alternative. If you use a pair of Video Power Data PTZ Baluns you can wire the camera to your DVR using a cost effective CAT 6 network cable. Continue reading

  • How to Troubleshoot a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera

    A very popular choice of camera is the Pan Tilt Zoom camera and it can do just that. Using an additional PTZ controller or the on-screen controller of the DVR, the user will be able to move the camera lens around and zoom in and out. This is a major advantage over standard security cameras because they don’t have to be focused on one specific location. With that being said, PTZ cameras need additional setup to ensure that it functions properly and keeps functioning properly. If something does go wrong after the initial installation there are two main things the user should inspect to get their PTZ camera working again. Continue reading

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