In this quick tutorial we show how to set your AvaEye PoE security camera to the correct protocol mode to enable event detection methods called VCA. If you're unable to configure Smart Event Detection methods such as line crossing or intrusion box, and you're using AvaEye cameras with an AvaEye NVR, then you simply need to switch the camera to the correct protocol mode. This can be done in the web interface of the NVR or through the HDMI interface of the NVR.

The video below shows how to properly change the camera to the Private Protocol instead of ONVIF through the web interface of the NVR. Make sure you are on the same local network as the NVR. Type in the IP address of the NVR in to your Edge browser on Windows, and login. Then follow the steps explained in the video below.

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If you don't have network access to the NVR, but do have a HDMI monitor connected to the NVR, then the video below will be helpful. We show the same process as above while using the HDMI interface of the AvaEye NVR.

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