This camera has a 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor which provides a 720p HD resolution which equals 1280 by 960 pixels. The larger image size and increased resolution allows for better detail and zoom during playback. This camera has a set function which allows you to select an area on screen using the mouse and the camera will then automatically zoom and focus in on that area. The accessories included with this camera are a 24 volt DC power supply, software disc, and allen key. A mounting bracket is also included. The camera has a BNC video output, alarm output, RS 485 output, audio input for specialized microphone, and power input cables. When setting up your camera you must first remove the glass dome. Remove the lens cover and Styrofoam pieces. It's very important to remove the Styrofoam pieces inside the camera housing before testing the camera. Failure to do so can result in damage to the pan tilt zoom function.

720p HD PTZ Camera

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