This video will show how to crimp RJ45 connects to either Cat5e or Cat6 network cable. You can find the CAT5/6 crimping tool here. It has an RJ-45 crimping jack, RJ-11 crimping jack, wire stripper, and wire cutter. Briefly, here is how you crimp network cable:

  • First, strip your network cable using the wire stripper.
  • Apply gentle pressure and slowly twist the cable. Remove the wire separator from inside the cable if one is present.
  • Untwist the four pairs of wires and arrange them in the correct order as pictured.
  • Once the wires are in the correct order, manipulate them into the RJ-45 connector. With the wires arranged evenly, use the RJ45 crimping tool at this time to securely crimp the RJ-45 connector to your Cat5e or Cat6 cable.
  • Ensure that the wires are all flush to the back of the connector and are all making contact.

Once your wire is crimped, it is always a good idea to test it with a wire continuity tester.


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