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How to Improve Security Camera Video Quality

You can have video disturbances for several reasons. When you have cyclical video disturbances, ghosting, or colored lines appearing in your security camera video, they are 99.9% of the time a result of any of the reasons mentioned below. In any of these instances, it is a common misconception to blame it on the equipment, therefore we advise that you bench test your cameras at your location.

To bench test cameras, it is important that you use a small length of known good cable, this can be a premade wire or wire that you made. Test the wire using a camera that you know works well to make sure it is free of issues and produces a clear picture. Then bench test your "bad" cameras with this "good" cable to rule out whether there is a camera or DVR failure. If the cameras in question produce good video free of video disturbances, then you have to explore the issues outlined below.

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Improper installation of security camera cable tips

BNC connectors improperly tipped on cabling. Be sure to watch our youtube video on how to crimp BNC connectors on RG59U siamese cabling.

Power outlet is not properly grounded

When you plug in your power box or power adaptor in to a electrical circuit that is improperly grounded your cameras will have all sorts of video disturbances. Simply using trying power source on another circuit can help rule out this issue. We have seen cases where electrical circuits in the whole house were improperly done by the electrician, resulting in no resolution of the issue. In this case it is best to bench test the cameras at a another location, i.e. at a different building or home.

Cabling issues

There can be multiple issues with cable runs that can cause video distortion and interference. In most cable related issues, replacement of the cable is required. Here are the most common ones:

a) Cabling was stapled along the run and there is power transference from the 2 wire 12V DC section to the BNC video side

b) Rodents and other pests have nicked the cable

c) Water has seeped in to cabling due to a nick along the run of the cable, or because of poor cable tip installation

d) The video wire runs close to a high voltage source at some point in the run, causing multicolored lines to ghost over the camera video.

Matt Rossi is a Technical Support Manager at CCTV Camera World, a leading CCTV Camera distributor located in Buffalo, NY. He is a technical support expert for everything video surveillance related.


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4 thoughts on “How to Improve Security Camera Video Quality”

  • somebody can help me, improving a security video, i'll pay for this, i want to see clearer the images of a thief

  • CCTV Camera World March 21, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    You cannot really enhance security video as they do in the TV shows.

  • ive got a problem a while ago but i cant solve it ... my dvr is 8 channel but i can only 7, cuz when i put all 8 cameras in dvr, only 7displays in my monitor. port2 and 3 seems have the problem.. when channel 2 is working channel 3 is not .. and when channel 3 is working, channel 2 is not ... this problem makes me crazyyyy . :(any posible help or solution ??

  • CCTV Camera World August 8, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    It sounds like the hardware chip in the DVR motherboard is going bad.