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How to Find Your IP Camera on the Network

In this article we show you how to find your IP camera or DVR on your network and change its IP address using our IP Config Tool for Windows 7, and Windows 10. The Config Tool will allow you to find all of the network devices from CCTV Camera World that are connected to your local area network (LAN). The Config Tool software acts like a network sniffer to find presence our device on your network regardless of whether they have correct IP addresses or not. It lists each device in a list with individual IP addresses that can be changed by a simple mouse click. This Config Tool software makes it easy to quickly configure our IP cameras or recorders on the network without having to actually login to the device using the web service.

IP Config Tool Version 4 for Windows 10

You can download the IP Config Tool software for Windows 10 by clicking here and below is tutorial video on how to use this finder tool on Windows 10.

How To Install The Config Tool in Windows 10

IP Config Tool for Windows 7

You can download the config tool for Windows 7 here. The video below shows you how to use the IP Config Tool on Windows 7. If you miss any details, view the transcription posted underneath the video.

How To Use The IP Camera Configuration Tool

The first thing you need to do is to connect your IP camera to the network. After it’s been connected, you can open up the Config Tool here and you'll see a list of devices connected to your network. This here is our camera. You’re now going to go to click login, and enter the username and password. Here you'll be able to change the IP address to one of your choosing. Before you do that though, you need to make sure that the IP address you're going to assign has not already been used by another device on the network. To do that, open up the command prompt tool. First we'll use the command “ipconfig.” That will show us our computers IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. We need to make sure that the subnet mask and gateway for our IP camera are exactly the same as our default gateway and subnet mask for network. If we want to assign a new IP address, we need to make sure that no device on the network is using that IP address. So we're going use the command prompt tool to ping the IP address first. Use the command “ping” followed by a space and then the IP address you want to check the availability of. If the response is “destination host unreachable”, this means that that IP address is not being used. After changing the IP address, click save and just give it a moment. Now you’ll want to ping your new IP address again and ensure that you receive a response time from the network. If you do, then this means that the IP address of your camera has been successfully changed.

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One thought on “How to Find Your IP Camera on the Network”

  • i have a funlux camera model zp-1bt15-w and i can't find it on my network. it has a sub model that looks like a zmodo model zmd33e9e8255726. it uses ip address of according to my modem. i have no idea what ports they normally use. i can see it using the funlux app but i'm trying to get tinycam to see it. i have asked the tiny cam people but they can't get it yet either. if i can find to port i may be able to get tiny cam to see it. is there a program that can find this stuff? i wee tons of youtubes about how peole can scan your network and fine your stuff but i never have been able to do that so i'm thinking the youtube stuff is just bunk for the most part. but there must be a was for me to see my camears on my network form inside my network. i do see most of them but the funlux is not showing up. so if i can find a program the show the ports it uses i may hjust be able to get it. thansk