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Managing the Hard Drive in your Security DVR or NVR

One of the most crucial components to a security camera system is the hard drive, the device in which security footage is stored. This allows a user to access recorded video from their security cameras, whether it be by accessing a DVR or NVR directly using a monitor or mouse, or accessing the DVR/NVR remotely over the internet. There are several practices that every security camera user should keep to ensure their security video recorder is functioning and recording properly.

Checking surveillance hard drive status

From time to time, or when a HDD error is reported, it is a good idea to run a hard drive health check as demonstrated in the video below.

How to check hard drive health in your DVR or NVR

How to format DVR or NVR hard drive

Sometimes a format of the hard drive may be needed for your security video recorder. The following video demonstrates how to format the hard drive inside your DVR or NVR without having to remove the hard drive from the device.

How to Format a Hard Drive on a DVR or NVR

How to replace the Hard Drive inside your DVR or NVR

Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the hard drive inside your surveillance DVR or NVR, or if you don't have a hard drive and would like to install one yourself, the following video guide will be useful.
Caution: be sure to have the DVR turned off, and be on a static free surface like a concrete floor when working on the DVR. Do not use a motorized screwdriver or drill on the unit as it may strip the screws on the recorder and cause incidental damage to the recorder. The recorder's limited warranty does not cover user incurred damage.

How to install a hard drive in your DVR

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