A great feature that’s often overlooked on PTZ or pan tilt zoom cameras is the ability to set presets and tours. By setting presets and tours you can avoid having to actively watch and control cameras to monitor your property. A PTZ camera that’s scanning your home or business can be the best way to capture multiple areas without purchasing multiple security cameras.

PTZ cameras are appealing to purchase because of how easy it is to set Presets and Tours, especially on IP PTZ cameras. Camera movement patterns are useful for several monitoring applications, including parking lots, entrances, and alleyways. For parking lots you might want a PTZ to scan vehicles and individuals entering and leaving. Alleyways provide a great place for a PTZ to actively pan and zoom to look both directions.

Setting up automated surveillance can be a great convenience so that you do not have to actively monitor the camera. It is important to note that we do not recommend using continuous scans because continually using the motor will wear the mechanisms or belts rapidly and void the warranty. We suggest a dwell time of at least 15 seconds. Dwell time is when a PTZ pauses between presets positions.

The video below provides a detailed explanation of how to set both Presets and a Tour using one of our IP PTZ cameras. By using our Network IP PTZ cameras you can easily login to the web interface of the camera and navigate to the PTZ Function settings to set presets and tours.

The video below shows how you can use a mix of Smart Detection rules and presets to track an individual or vehicle on a property or inside of a business. In the video we have a camera track our employee as he moves through the office. There is some delay between rules so make sure that you account for that delay when creating the rules and presets. This offers an easy way to quickly monitor a large area without manually controlling a PTZ camera.

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