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HDCVI Security Camera Systems - 1080P and 720P DVR Camera Systems

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High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) is a relatively new signal type for HD security cameras that first hit the marketplace in early 2014.  While originally only offered in 1 megapixel (720p), 2 megapixel (1080p) HDCVI cameras are now readily available for purchase.  Unlike its chief competitor, IP Cameras, HDCVI video streams are transmitted via RG59 coaxial cable instead of Cat5e or Cat6 network cable.  Since RG59 and similar coax cables are common among existing CCTV systems, upgrading to a HDCVI camera system is preferred because it avoids the expense of changing cabling type to attain HD video security.

With HDCVI come some very nice advantages.  The first is that, unlike IP cameras, HDCVI cameras do not need to be configured prior to installation; this makes them just as plug-and-play as any standard definition analog CCTV system.  The HDCVI signal type is also capable of being transmitted as far as 1600 feet via solid copper coaxial cable, whereas standard analog and IP are limited to about 300 feet without the introduction of additional hardware.  Audio transmission and PTZ controls are also unique when it comes to HDCVI systems as both of these are done via the same coax cable being used for video transmission.  In other words, if you'd like to add microphones or PTZ cameras to your setup, no additional cable will need to be run like in other coax type installations.

CCTV Camera World has tested the HDCVI product line more extensively than anyone else out there.  Being one of the first companies to offer the HDCVI products lineup has also given us the opportunity to see, and help achieve, its remarkable success in the industry.  Having had our hands in it since it's conception, you'd be hard pressed to find better experts on the subject than CCTV Camera World.

A few among many features of our surveillance systems

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing of live or recorded video from anywhere in the world over the internet with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. We offer free software that allows you to login to the DVR recorder of your security camera system directly and view your cameras without incurring any added monthly charges. You simply need to have an internet connection where the system is installed.

Motion Alerts

When your DVR camera system detects motion based on changes in video or on trigger of motion alarm sensors tied to your system, you will receive a Motion Alert Notification to your smartphone or tablet. You can even configure the video recorder to upload video/images to a FTP as backup in case your recorder is stolen during a robbery.

Here is a quick video overview of what our HD camera systems can do: