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How To Connect Security Cameras to a Power Box

Every security camera requires power to operate. Security cameras can use coax RG59 siamese wire or CAT5e networking cable to transmit video. The latter is more common these days for IP network cameras. If you are installing a low voltage power box for either a new or existing camera system using coax wiring, it is important to understand how the red and black leads from your coax siamese cable connect to a 12VDC Power Box. DC current is polarized, meaning it has a red wire which is positive, and black wire for negative. We recommend using a power box in a camera system as it allows stable power distribution to many cameras in a system without the need for individual power adapters.

What do you need to connect a security camera to a power box?

What are the ways to connect a security camera to a power box?

The video below shows how to connect a security camera to a power box using either a siamese coax cable with a two-lead power wire or using a power pigtail. It is important to understand that DC power has a positive wire and negative wire. Positive wires are red, and negative wires are black. These leads will always need to correspond with their place in a power box.

  1. Siamese Coax Cable From A Roll

    When using siamese coax cable from a roll there will be 2 bare leads for power on one end going to the power box. The video below shows how to split and connect a siamese power wire. The other end of the cable requires a Male power terminal to plug into the pigtail on the camera. Ensure that both ends of the cable use the correct wire for positive and negative, if you mix them up you will damage the camera.

  2. DC Male Power Pigtail

    A DC Male Power Pigtail allows you to use a female terminal to plug directly into a cameras pigtail, siamese tipped with a female end, or other tipped power cable. The same precaution must be applied when connecting the positive and negative leads on the DC power pigtail. Double check that your wiring colors match up on both sides to avoid any electrical damage to your cameras. Here is a picture of a power pigtail showing the black and red leads.

DC Power Pigtail

To learn how to correctly connect the black and red wires from your security camera cabling, please watch the video below that demonstrates steps to secure the power leads directly in to a 12VDC Power Box.

How to connect 12VDC Security Cameras to a Power Box

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