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How to Setup Email Alerts Using An Office 365 Email Account

All of the DVR and NVR video recorders offered by CCTV Camera World have the ability to send motion and alarm alerts. These can include emails alerts with or without a snapshot of the incident. You can send alerts based on motion detection, hard disk failure, or even camera loss. Integration of your email account and configuring email alerts can be challenging for the user unfamiliar with how email servers work. In this guide we demonstrate how to setup you Office 365 email account with our security video recorders using the web service menu. Depending on the model and year of manufacture of your DVR, the menu may not be identical, but this guide should still be easy enough to follow.

Step 1) Click Setup

Login to your DVR or NVR using Internet Explorer so you can access the Web Service of the DVR. Then click Setup.
Select Setup

Step 2) Go to Email Settings

Navigate to the Email Settings page by clicking NETWORK -> EMAIL, and you should see the page similar to the one below.
Email Settings Page

Step 3) Enter Email Address Settings

On this page, enter your email account information that will be used to send email notifications. Here is what our email settings page looks like after all the settings are applied and tested:
Office 365 Email Configuration

Required Settings Explained

Here is a quick explanation of the configuration settings entered above. First, so you don't forget, check the Enable box.

SMTP Server: - this is the outbound email server as noted by
Port: 587 - be sure to use this port for encrypting outbound email
User Name: [enter your Office365 email address in full]
Password: [enter your Office365 email account's password]
Sender: [enter your Office365 email address in full] - same as User Name
Encrypt Type: TLS
Subject: NVR ALERT or any other subject line you'd like
Attachment: *Be sure to check Attachment if you want to send a picture snapshot as well with the text alert
Receiver: Enter the email address you would like to send the email alert to. In our case it is the same as the sender.
Interval: 120 sec - this is the default time in seconds that you want to wait between alerts
Health Enable: Check this setting if you would like update health alerts sent to you at the specific time intervals (in minutes) about the health and operation of your recorder

Remember to click on the SAVE button, and then click on the Test button to check whether the settings you used are working. If all works well, you should get a Test Succeeded message on the page.

Step 4) Enabling Motion Detection

For the rest of the step necessary to activate motion detection on your DVR or NVR, please refer to Step 4 in our DVR NVR Email Alert Setup Guide.

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