Our NVR and Tribrid or Pentabrid DVR recorders allow use of 3rd party IP cameras not purchased from CCTV Camera World. IP cameras and the recorder talk to each other over the network and have to sync URL for video, audio, PTZ controls, and motion events for each of these data types to pass from the camera to the recorder. If the URL for each of these data types does not sync, then that function will not work. The ONVIF standard tried to standardize this but its implementation is manufacturer dependent. It is not necessary an ONVIF camera you purchased elsewhere will work with an ONVIF NVR from us or a different vendor. Among manufacturers that are compatible with our recorders, we find AXIS cameras to have the best implementation of ONVIF and are the easiest to set up as an ONVIF camera with our DVR.

There are two ways to use a security camera from AXIS with our recorders.

1) You can choose the manufacturer as AXIS and try to connect to the camera using the Registration or Remote Device menu on our recorders. Just make sure you are using the current user/password.

2) If using AXIS as the manufacturer does not work, you can always select ONVIF as the manufacturer and add the camera to one of our recorders. This requires that the AXIS camera be ONVIF compatible so be sure to check the specifications for the particular model you have. Add the camera as an ONVIF camera requires a few steps, including adding an ONVIF user to your AXIS camera. The video below will show you exactly what you need to do on your AXIS camera's web interface to enable ONVIF connectivity and how to add the camera to on of our NVR.

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