Want to change the order of PoE IP cameras connected to your PoE NVR, then this is a must watch video for the quick trick needed to reset the camera settings on the NVR. First, make sure you connect the cameras to the numbered PoE ports on the back of your NVR recorder. Disregard the on-screen order of the cameras even if they are connected to the numbered ports in the order you want them to appear in. You have to reset the NVR's camera settings for it to erase from memory the prior order of cameras, and then rescan the cameras connect to the PoE ports. Simply follow the video below to set the camera settings on the NVR, and once done, the cameras will reconnect automatically to the NVR in the order of the PoE ports they are connected to:

If you are using a independent PoE switch to connect your cameras to the network, you have to reset the camera settings on the NVR as show in the above video, and then reconnect the cameras to the NVR one-by-one in the order you wish to have them in. The following article shows how to connect your IP cameras to the NVR.

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