Everyone might experience that feeling upon leaving the house in the morning, the vague feeling that, even though everything is locked, your property is not really secure when you’re gone. While it is true that you cannot and should not live in constant fear of someone trespassing on your property, it is also a fact that we leave our homes unattended all the time, sometimes for long periods. We have no idea what is happening there when we are gone, and it can get to worry us.

However, worry doesn’t really have to get to us this way. Tangible solutions exist to ease our minds about what is happening at home while we are away, and those solutions don’t have to cost us a fortune. We are talking about security cameras, and how having a few of them on your property can go a long way toward not just making you feel better, but actually safeguarding what belongs to you.

So, let’s dive into exactly how security cameras can protect your property.

1.) Security Cameras May Deter Crime

One of the most amazing aspects of security cameras is that their mere presence alone is often enough to prevent would-be criminals from trying anything on your property. Yes, cameras cannot physically stop criminals from stealing, damaging, or breaking in, but remember that criminals will likely weigh risk against what they are thinking of doing. If they are considering walking onto your property and see a security camera pointed directly at them, they will more than likely move on. They may be able to carry out their activities now, but they know they can be observed through the footage later (or even at the time, if the owners happen to be watching their feed). Cameras, therefore, are among the strongest deterrents of crime.

To get some more insight into the purpose of security cameras on a domestic property, we reached out to McCall Robison, a Senior Marketing Strategist at Best Company who specializes in the health and safety industry. She explained why it is extremely beneficial to keep multiple security cameras around: "Because there are so many points of entry to homes, it's important to have multiple security cameras around your property. If potential burglars notice a blind spot in your home security, such as the back entrance, that's going to be an easy target for them. However, if you have a security camera pointed at all or most of the points of entry to your home, just the cameras' presence alone will deter burglars from selecting your home to break into. It's also extra important to have a security camera at your front door entrance, as 34% of burglars enter through the front door. The majority of burglars take a look at your home and check for cameras before selecting it as a target so seeing a security camera at the front door right off the bat is more likely to save you from a break in."

McCall’s statements aptly exemplify what we mean in this first point: security cameras can benefit you, the property owner, just by being present and functioning as they should. A crime does not actually have to take place for your cameras to be useful. Just knowing you can watch the footage from afar and be alerted if anything should actually happen back at your house can be enough to put your mind at ease when you go out.

2.) Security Cameras Record Actual Crimes

Unfortunately, crimes of any type can happen to any of us at any time. But, if you have appropriately secured your property with security cameras at all the best angles, you may be able to capture image or video evidence of trouble at your house or elsewhere on your property. Then, if you need to contact the police, you can help them do their jobs in tracking down suspects.

This was the case for Louis Wood, owner of DefendItYourself.com. He told us: “My home camera system helped me show police exactly where the burglar touched my vehicle when he broke in. We were able to dust items he touched for prints, returning a positive match for a prior offender who was in the system. This led to putting out a successful warrant for his arrest.”

In other situations, the offense committed on your property may not be intentional or overtly violent, but it can be troublesome nonetheless. We got some insight on this from James Both, owner of OneHourSmartHome.com. He told us this story, in which his home security camera saved him a lot of money and time: “We use a smart home automation security system to protect our home. The system includes sensors that detect motion or if a window or door is opened it will trip the security system if an intruder is detected. What I like about this type of security system is that it integrates with the smart doorbell systems and other sensors to protect my home even when I'm not there. I came home one day to find our front yard fence flattened, with no idea what happened. I reviewed the doorbell footage, and it turned out a delivery truck ran over the fence and left without leaving a note or following up. When I contacted the delivery company, they denied causing the damage until I sent the footage from our security camera. The security system saved me from a hefty repair bill and the headaches of filing an insurance claim.”

It is in times like these that you will be happy you invested in security cameras. James saved probably thousands of dollars to repair his own property damage just by having his security cameras in place. If you think scenarios like this are fairly rare, just remember that many people think something can’t happen to them, until it actually happens.

3.) Security Cameras Make Employees Feel Safer

Of course, the domestic setting is not the only kind of property that security cameras can protect. Places of employment can also benefit significantly from the presence of security cameras, if only because they make employees, and their clients, feel safer in those environments.

Take Ben Walker, founder and CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC. When asked about security cameras at his company, he said: “We have a camera and an alarm system, both separate lines. We had them installed because we have to maintain HIPAA and CJIS compliance, and it gives our clients the peace of mind that we do take our security seriously, which means their security, as well.”

Ben is correct in saying that security cameras are good for making employees and customers feel that business owners care about the safety of their establishments and the people who enter them. In some situations, cameras at workplaces can actively help people to stop crimes from taking place.

We spoke about this with Jesse Silkoff, co-founder and president of MyRoofingPal. “I use a high-end brand of cameras outside and inside of my business both to have an extra sense of security against theft and intrusions, as well as to give our roofing contractors some peace of mind while at work. While I got the cameras as a means of protecting my company's assets, they've actually been far more useful than I would have ever imagined for my employees. Our office is located a few blocks away from the parking garage employees use. This is a well-trafficked area, and there are bars less than a mile from here, so we've had problems with people loitering and harassing female employees on their walk to the garage.”

“We actually had one person follow an employee from our office to the parking garage. Another employee (who was still in the building at the time) just happened to be looking at the camera footage and noticed the man following her. He was able to call the employee and warn her, and then call the cops. I can't imagine what would have happened had we not installed those cameras. It makes me ill just thinking about it, and I really wish all of the businesses in this area were using cameras to help prevent possible nightmares like that from happening.”

We also got some input from Devin Sabraw, co-founder of Airbnb Universe who was able to weigh in on this more from the customer aspect. “For our Airbnb properties, we always include security cameras at all entrances (never inside) which can be viewed through smart apps at any time." This makes their guests feel secure then staying in their rental properties.

Protect Your Premises with Security Cameras

Whatever kind of property you need to protect from crime or other suspicious activity, security cameras can absolutely serve your purposes. Cameras help to deter crime from happening at all and can actively help police to solve crimes that do occur.

For all of your security camera needs, CCTV Camera World is here for you. We carry dome, bullet, and PTZ styles, and you can choose your camera resolution, range, night vision status, and other options.

Contact us with any questions, and we will be happy to help you find the right cameras for your property!

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