To receive commands over a coax cable or RS485 wire HD PTZ cameras have IDs that tell a DVR or controller where to send the commands. If two PTZ cameras are set to the same ID then they will receive the same commands. This causes both cameras to move in the same direction at the same time. Most people want to control their PTZ cameras individually, and in order to do that each PTZ needs a unique ID.

Changing the ID of a PTZ camera that was purchased from our company is pretty straightforward. Access the On Screen Display(OSD) menu from a compatible HD DVR by using the main menu and “PTZ Control” option. Click the Right Arrow button to expand the PTZ Control menu. Click the dome-like icon on the right hand side of the expanded menu to open the OSD menu for your PTZ.

Navigate through your PTZ’s OSD menu to the System Settings using the arrow keys and Enter button on the PTZ control menu. Inside of the System Settings should be a menu option named “Addr Information''.

Entering into the Addr Information page will allow you to change the “Addr Type” from “Hard” to “Soft”. The Hard ID setting requires the user to physically set the ID using a dip switch on the camera. Using the Soft ID setting allows users to set IDs without the hassle of opening cameras and manually setting IDs. Switch the Addr Type setting to Soft by clicking the right or left arrow on the PTZ control menu to toggle the option.

After setting the type to Soft, drop down and set the Addr-Soft ID to a unique number. In our video we set the ID to 5. When an ID is set, the DVR or controller the PTZ camera is connected to will need updated settings to the new ID. For more information on setting IDs on a PTZ and updating the PTZ settings in a DVR watch our video below.

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