Did you know that a burglary happens almost every 15 seconds in the U.S. alone? The police manage to solve only about 14 percent of them because, in most cases, there's no sufficient evidence to help the authorities find the thieves.

But you shouldn't just wait around and pray you're not the next victim of burglary. You can take a few security measures to protect your property and avoid being robbed. Elizabeth Dodson with Homezada told us that “When it comes to protecting our homes, we can take precautions with cameras and security systems.”

We also believe that security cameras are the perfect solution when it comes to protecting your home. Megan Glenn of Abby Iron Doors found that “Technology tends to be the first thing that people consider these days when they weigh their security options.” Keep reading to find out why security cameras are vital to the safety of any residential property.

Multiple Types of Security Cameras

The market offers you a broad range of CCTV cameras to choose from. These include 360-degree cameras, infrared cameras, vandal-proof and impact-resistant cameras, and wireless cameras. We spoke to Ahmed Ali, a consultant at Centriq, who uses these security cameras in his own home and finds them extremely beneficial. “We have CCTV cameras set up at various spots around our home. We find them extremely useful in terms of securing our property parameters. The cameras also give us access on our mobile phones, so we can monitor without having to leave our home.” You can choose the cameras that best fit your needs and use them to deter thieves. For example, infrared cameras can record video footage in the dark, while 360-degree cameras offer a better view of your yard or patio and can capture more details.

Security Cameras Record Video Footage 24/7

Once installed, the security cameras can film the surroundings of your property 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You don't have to turn them on or off, and, in some cases, they can be connected to the nearest police station. If something bad happens, the police can be alerted in real time, and they might rush to your place to catch the thieves and prevent the robbery. Though you can choose security cameras that are motion activated, we recommend choosing a camera that records 24/7 for the best protection.

We spoke about this with Blake Sutton of Electrical Knowledge. He explained that “Although motion-activated recording is cool from the sounds of it, you end up losing on critical footage sometimes. If the vandal is moving slow enough or is a sufficient distance from the camera so as not to take up a significant portion of the screen, then the camera will never turn on.  Even if you have a good electrical tools list that allows you to pinpoint strategic placement of cameras around the property, the possibility of not having critical footage because motion detection was not triggered is unacceptable. While a motion-activated security camera would save costs in hard drive space, it was an easy decision for me to go with the camera recording always-on.”

Footage Can Be Proof in Courtrooms

Authorities consider video footage recorded by security cameras to be valid evidence of crime. Security cameras can therefore help your case in the courtroom. Let's say that a neighbor of yours tries to steal something from your yard or garage while you're away. The security camera can film everything, and you can use the video footage to convict your malevolent neighbor and protect your personal assets.

Security Cameras Are Easy to Install

It is possible to install a security camera almost anywhere these days. Some homeowners decide to install a few cameras indoors and one or two outdoors. The outdoor cameras are weatherproof, meaning that they cannot be damaged by extreme weather and temperature conditions. Sadie Cornelius with Safe Smart Living found that “One of the biggest concerns is how simple the camera installation is. Fortunately, most security cameras have DIY set-ups that take less than 15 minutes.” In other instances, a team of experts may be needed for the installation, but they can quickly put together your security camera system, causing minimal disturbance to your property.

Wireless Cameras Come With Added Benefits

Yes, some cameras are wireless, and these are even easier to install. The video recordings are transferred through various data connections, including Wi-Fi. Since there are no cables, a burglar cannot disable the camera by cutting the wire. Anh Trinh of Geek With Laptop told us all about the added benefits he didn’t know he would get when installing security cameras. “Aside from the obvious benefit of added security, it can help keep track of people who leave and enter the house. So whenever my daughter goes out of the house, I can call her out for not notifying us in the first place.”

On top of that, you can also log in to a server using a mobile app and see what's happening in your yard through your security cameras. You can be hundreds of miles away on a beach and still be able to supervise your property from a distance!

Security Cameras Are a Strong Security Measure

If you're thinking about security measures for your property, an alarm system and a few security cameras are the most recommended options year round according to our experts at CCTV Camera World. Even prominent safety tips for the holidays suggest using home surveillance to keep your family safe. Security cameras are just fantastic for peace of mind, and you never know when you'll need them.

Don't wait any longer to secure your property! Check out the broad range of PoE cameras we offer to our clients and contact us today for help picking the right ones for you.

Matt Rossi is a Technical Support Manager at CCTV Camera World, a leading CCTV Camera distributor located in Buffalo, NY. He is a technical support expert for everything video surveillance related.

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