Having a complete security camera system entails being able to access your cameras and view recorded video using your Smartphone. Products from CCTV Camera World give you this luxury. You can leave your home, business, or property with confidence knowing that you can view video on your Smartphone from virtually anywhere in the world.

Once you have set up Port Forwarding, you will be able to remotely view your security camera system on your Smartphone using the app IPTecno Pegaso. This gives you the ability to not only view a live stream of your cameras, but also playback recorded video. This is a convenience that any security camera owner needs as you don't need to be at the location of your DVR or NVR in order to view recorded video.

Main Stream vs. Extra (Sub) Stream

When creating a device account in the app IPTecno Pegaso, you will see setting options for "Live Preview" and "Playback". The settings for those two occurrences will either be "Main" or "Extra". "Main" refers to your security camera system's main video stream from your DVR or NVR, representing the video stream that's being recorded to your internal hard drive inside your DVR/NVR. The camera encoding settings for the Main Stream in your DVR/NVR are usually set to record and stream video a high resolution, as this will provide video that's clear enough to identify someone or capture a sufficient amount of detail. If you have several cameras streaming high-resolution video at a high frame rate, your total bandwidth will reach a number that your router might not be able to manage. This is where your Extra Stream comes into play.

Extra Stream is the Sub Stream that you configure in your DVR/NVR. This secondary stream is set to a lower quality, allowing someone to feed video to a computer, smartphone, or tablet over the Internet without bogging down their router with high-resolution video feeds. Your DVR/NVR, acting as a standalone device, will still be able to record pristine video from the Main Stream video feed, while you stream lower-quality video remotely to your mobile device. This is recommended for people with below average Internet.

A good practice is to configure your DVR/NVR to record your Sub Stream continuously at a lower quality and set your Main Stream (high quality) to record video in the event of motion detection. This will allow you to have a constant video feed that's being recorded, but at a low enough quality to save on hard drive space. Motion detection events will record at a high resolution, giving you crystal clear video recordings when you need it, while having a lower quality video stream being recorded at all times so you never miss a single moment.

How to Playback Video from Your Smartphone

In this video, you will learn how to retrieve and playback video video over the internet using your Smartphone. The correct app to use is IPTecno Pegaso.

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