One of the great things about network based security cameras is the amount of features they allow you to control and a variety of recording options. Recording using our central monitoring software is another great and easy feature to use after you purchase an IP camera and it's free! Read more in this guide about how to use the central monitoring software to record and playback recorded clips from a security camera for free.

Note: CCTV Camera World can only provide support for products purchased from CCTV Camera World. To provide support we require purchase verification. If you didn't purchase from CCTV Camera World, please contact the company you purchased from for assistance with your product.

By following our Central Monitoring Software guide you can install and add your IP camera as a device to be viewed live or recorded. You can add cameras by using the local IP address over a local area network (LAN), or by using the P2P method for easy remote viewing over the internet. Alternatively, if you have the camera port forwarded and want to record remotely you can add it using the external IP address of your remote location along with the correct port number.

After you have added the camera to the central monitoring software it is as easy as dragging it into the live viewing grid and pressing a button. The record button is located at the top of the channel you are looking to record. Our free software also supports listening to live audio, or controlling a PTZ camera while recording. Please watch the video below for a tutorial on how to record IP cameras purchased from CCTV Camera World for free.

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