These days, it's hard to get reliable and skilled service for products bought in stores or online. Most businesses either outsource to other countries or hire low-skilled workers and only provide a few weeks of product training. We hold ourselves to a higher standard by providing support from the United States that is quick and effective. In addition to our great service, we can help customers remotely by accessing their systems with their permission to diagnose problems and fix them. We have a paid remote support service for situations that are more complicated or if you need help with networking.

Note that CCTV Camera World can only help with products that were bought from us. To provide support, we require purchase verification. If you didn't buy your product from CCTV Camera World, please contact the company where you bought it from for help. If you would like to pay us for help, please consider purchasing our third party support service.

Remote Troubleshooting

Whether there’s a setting you changed on accident, or you need some help troubleshooting a problem, our team will sometimes help by checking the system logs and playing back footage from the system. As we'll talk about in a later section, we usually charge for this level of remote service. Email support will always be free for customers who have been verified, but we may not always look at their system remotely. We usually look at systems within 2 to 3 business days after you send us the information we need to do remote troubleshooting.

Providing access to your security camera system is pretty straight-forward. In fact, the P2P remote viewing setting is usually turned on before the DVR or NVR ships. For privacy reasons, we do not save P2P remote codes and will only ask for them when necessary to provide support. It’s worth mentioning that we can also remotely access standalone IP cameras.

If you haven't already, connect your security camera recorder to your internet router or modem and turn on the P2P setting in the Network settings. After setup is done, make sure your P2P status is "Online" and send us an email with the text of your P2P serial number. You can also send us a picture of the QR code along with the text. This process is shown in the following video tutorial.

If you have an older system from before 2020, please watch the tutorial below instead.

Paid Remote Support

Sometimes you might not have the time to wait for help, or you might want our hands-on assistance over the phone to learn more about fixing your system or help with configuring settings. Our paid remote support service uses a remote access program so that our techs can help with your security camera system. Appointments must be scheduled 24 hours ahead of time and are serviced in 30 minute slots. Call us at (716) 229-0080 or pre-purchase a session by clicking the image below.

Click here to purchase a remote support session

Matt Rossi is a Technical Support Manager at CCTV Camera World, a leading CCTV Camera distributor located in Buffalo, NY. He is a technical support expert for everything video surveillance related.

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