The Missing Object Detection function available on some of our security cameras is a video analytics tool that capably monitors and oversees valuable items. When only using video based motion detection, a camera cannot verify when an object has been taken. Missing Object Detection recognizes when an item has been removed and stays missing from the camera’s field of view for a specified period of time.

Like other Smart Detection functions that some of our security cameras offer, Missing Object Detection can be useful in any situation where you need to keep a watchful eye on a valuable object without having to monitor it yourself or pay for a security guard. As shown in the video above, the simplest example that applies to our daily lives would be keeping an eye on packages delivered at our doorstep. Once a missing object is detected, the camera can record video based on the event, and also send a push alert notification to a Smartphone.

Jewelry stores can also take advantage of Missing Object Detection. A store manager can monitor when an expensive piece of jewelry has been removed from its display case. After being alerted through a push alert to his Smartphone, the manager can view through his surveillance system and check whether it is just an employee showing jewelry to a customer.

As shown in the video above on how to set Missing Object Detection, if you set the missing object time properly then the security camera will only send out an alert after the object is detected missing for the set time. Note that too dense of an area can potentially cover the object you wish to protect which can trigger a false alarm. Make sure your area of detection is simple, not overpopulated, and not subjected to the constant flickering of fluorescent lights. After proper configuration and inspection of the area being monitored, supervise multiple items without physically being present and still be alerted to any potential criminal activity.

Don Stephens is a Technical Support Manager at CCTV Camera World, a leading Security Camera distributor located in Buffalo, NY. His area of expertise is in designing professional security camera systems for medium and large scale businesses, schools, and government projects.

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